Will The Juice Be Loose?

By Diannah Watson, BlackAmericaWeb.com

All eyes are on Las Vegas as that is the place where O. J. Simpson is to be released.

A plan made by the state says that the football icon would be sent to Lovelock Correctional center in Northern Nevada to High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas for his release on October 2, 2017, according to CBS News in Las Vegas.

Brooke Keast a spokeswoman for the state Department of Corrections advised that the release of the 70-year-old was still being approved and that documents needed to be signed to confirm his release.

Simpson was in jail for 9 years after being charged with armed robbery and a kidnapping back in 2009. He was eligible for parole on October 1 that was decided at a hearing back in July.

In the state of Nevada, inmate releases are not done on the weekends making Monday, October 2, 2017, his official release date.

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