Bar Uses Marshawn Lynch & Colin Kaepernick Jerseys As Doormats

By Diannah Watson,

A Missouri bar owner is under fire for using Colin Kaepernick and Marshawn Lynch jerseys as doormats. Many who pass by see the use of the jerseys as racist.

Jason Burle the owner of S. N. A. F. U Bar says he ordered the jerseys and to be used as doormats after players started taking knees during the National Anthem.

“It’s not a race thing,” says Burle in an interview with KXAN news. “A lot of people want to twist it around to be a race thing.”

The jerseys were tapped down to the front of Burle’s bar. Using the NFL players names to spell “Lynch” “Kaepernick” when people walk by.

“We pulled them out of the box, taped them down. There was no ill-intent, ” explains the bar owner. He added, “If someone thinks I’m mean personal harm to someone, they don’t know me.”

That’s not what Taylor Sloan thinks when he saw the jerseys outside the bar.

Sloan said, “That’s not the Missouri I know. It just kind of upset me …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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