EXCLUSIVE: Meet Zipporah Joe’l Peay, The Artist Behind The Famous Confederate Flag Sweatshirt

By Desire Thompson

Black Lives Matter begins their rally at the SC Statehouse. http://t.co/r8NzbSesX0
Paul Zoeller (@pzoeller) July 18, 2015

When two hate groups took their place on the steps of the South Carolina Statehouse earlier this month, words were exchanged between members of the Ku Klux Klan and the New Black Panther Party. In an ironic moment of extremes demanding justice from one another, one image seemed to stick out from the rest.

A Black activist demanded the attention of social media and the nation with his sweatshirt — a middle finger placed upon the Army of North Virginia rebel flag. Malik Stroman came up with the idea of the shirt two years ago, and 25-year-old artist Zipporah Joe’l Peay was more than happy to create it.

NewsOne spoke with Peay about the design, how it came to be, and her artistic journey so far.

Aggressive behavior from members of the KKK and Neo-Nazi supporters was clear to see on July 18, when the pro-flag groups gathered just blocks away from anti-flag supporters on South Carolina’s Statehouse steps. Tensions were high and several fights broke out. Five people were arrested for various crimes, including disorderly conduct and simple assault. Peay says …read more

Source:: News One

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