Black Lawyer Petitions Supreme Court To Remove Confederate Emblem From Mississippi Flag

By Nigel Roberts

Mississippi stubbornly refuses to remove the Confederate battle emblem embedded in its official state flag. If one resident has his way, that may change.

Attorneys for Carlos Moore petitioned the U.S. Supreme Court on Wednesday to consider his case, which contends that the Confederate battle emblem is a symbol of White supremacy and violates the Constitution’s equal protection guarantee, the Washington Post reports.

Moore, who is a Black lawyer, filed the lawsuit in February 2016, which was not received favorably in the lower courts. His attorneys argue that the Constitution’s Establishment Clause prohibits states from favoring one religion over another. The lower courts, however, have refused to extend that principle to race.

Attorney Carlos Moore’s lawsuit takes aim at Mississippi state flag – The Dallas Weekly

— Dallas Weekly (@dallasweekly) March 16, 2016

They argue that the Confederate emblem, as a symbol of White supremacy, sends the message that Mississippi favors Whites over other races.

According to The Post, Mississippi is the last state that continues to feature the controversial emblem in its state flag. Mississippi has withstood the wave of national soul searching following the 2015 Charleston church massacre, …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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