D.C. Voucher Students Do Worse In Math In Private Schools, Study Shows

By MARIA DANILOVA, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Students attending private schools in the nation’s capital through a federally funded voucher program are doing worse in math compared to their peers, according to a government study released Thursday.

The findings added fuel to one of the most heated debates in the education community: whether taxpayer money should be used to pay for private schools. Critics jumped on the study to reiterate that vouchers don’t work. Proponents stressed that test scores are not the only way to measure school quality.

The study, conducted by the Education Department’s Institute of Education Sciences, looked at students who enrolled in the program in the years 2012-2014 and compared them to their peers who applied for the vouchers through a lottery, but were not selected. The study evaluated students one year into their study,

The analysis revealed that students who attended private schools with voucher money scored 7.3 percentage points lower in math compared to those students who didn’t get in. The study did not find any statistically significant differences in reading skills.

But among students who had attended low-performing schools, the key targets of the voucher program, the study did not reveal any significant change in either math or reading.

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Source:: Black America Web

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