‘Moonlight’ Eclipses White Liberal Shade

By Ahmad Greene-Hayes

I ‘ve seen Moonlight three times. And the movie theater was packed each time with lots of White women, which came as no real surprise; they love a good story about Black pain and triumph.

White folks are often fascinated by stories about Black folks in the ‘hood, in prison and in other cages–feel good stories about those who survive the destructive conditions of their birth. But it seems that many of them, liberals in particular, are less interested in Black stories that end in tragedy, or Black stories that are tragedy personified, or most significantly, the idea of Blackness as tragedy in the fiction of American post-racial discourse.

As I have previously written, I am wary of White liberals. Even those who have read Michelle Alexander‘s The New Jim Crow and Ta-Nehisi Coates‘s Between The World and Me, or watch Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black and Ava DuVernay‘s 13th while doing the electric slide with Tim Wise, who has been repeatedly accused of lifting words and intellectual ideas from Black activists and thinkers without proper citation.

As such, I was less concerned with the sea of White liberals that …read more

Source:: News One

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