‘How Many N-Words In My Store?’ Maryland Girl Records Classmates Chant Racial Slur

By Nigel Roberts

A 13-year-old African-American girl recorded a group of students chanting a racial slur on September 20 while on a school bus, The Washington Post reports.

They chanted: “One, two, three, four, how many n***ers are in my store?” It comes from a 2013 video about racial profiling posted to Vine, in which four teenage African-American males are closely watched by a convenience store clerk who suspects them of attempting to shoplift.

The Rockville, Maryland, middle school student showed the video clip to her parents, who were outraged. Her family wrote in social media posts that their daughter encountered racism for the first time and attached the clip, which exceeded 200,000 views by the next day, The Post said.

Robert Frost Middle School in MD. Kids singing racist song on bus! Please repost and expose injustice!! pic.twitter.com/i2BB2lB38m

— Brandon Long (@B_jamar86) September 20, 2016

“Now we are being forced to choose (quality education or torment),” the girl’s father, Brandon Long, wrote. “These children on this bus have learned this behavior from home. . . . Within their homes lie our judges, lawyers, doctors, and police officers.”

Montgomery County Public Schools pointed out that the students chanting on the …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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