Michigan Woman Fired After Calling FLOTUS ‘Ugly, Black B**ch’



A woman named Lisa Greenwood who thought First Lady Michelle Obama‘s night historic speech Monday night at the DNC was something to use as fodder for her own effed up racist ideology. Oops. She found out the hard way that she was wrong.

A Facebook user took a screenshot and connected the “@millar15” Twitter account to a Facebook account belonging to Greenwood. That discovery revealed that Greenwood was a mortgage loan officer at Michigan-based Home Point Financial.

Another Facebook user named Michael Hicks posted the images and noted in his caption: “look at her job title,” “think of all the sh*tty things she’s done to other ‘black b*tches’ she’s encountered in her work.”

Uh oh. That’s when social media and Black Twitter got busy. Hicks’ post was shared more than 8,800 times.

Eventually things came to head when High Point Financial took note of the tweet and announced Tuesday afternoon, via Facebook, that Greenwood had been fired.

See Below for Full Statement: pic.twitter.com/aa8tFXC0av

— Home Point Financial (@HomePointLoans) July 26, 2016

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(Photo Source: Home Point Loans Twitter)

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