Nearly 4 Years After His 68-Year-Old Father Was Killed By Police, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. Continues His Fight For Justice

By NewsOne Now

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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. and Attorney Randolph McLaughlin appeared on NewsOne Now to discuss the police shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., the $21 million lawsuit filed against the White Plains, NY Police Department for the murder of Kenneth, Sr. and the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform.

Chamberlain is the military veteran and former corrections officer who was killed when police entered his apartment after a false alarm from his MedicAlert bracelet. When he told the he was OK, police burst into his apartment and Tased and then shot him to death. He was 68-years-old.

Chamberlain told Martin that the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform was created to “effect positive change” and looks to establish independent prosecutors in questionable police shootings.

“You can’t have a police department investigating its own officers. You can’t have a district attorney’s office that works with them on a day-to-day basis overseeing those investigations or even presenting to the grand jury because we’ve seen time and time again that the consistent pattern is that there will be a failure to indict, even when the evidence suggests that there should be.”

Chamberlain said that in order to clean up police departments …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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