Justice Served: D.C. Bartender Wins $687,000 In Racial Discrimination Case

By Kellee Terrell

This week, a jury found that Briggitta Hardin, a twenty-something Howard graduate, had been discriminated against by her former employer Red Line DC, LLC. As a result, she was awarded a whopping $687,000 in damages with the jury citing her civil rights had been violated.

Hardin, who worked as a bartender at the upscale Washington D.C. sports bar Redline, was fired a mere one hour after meeting the bar’s owner Mick Dadlani, who she says refused to shake her hand or even speak to her, the Washington Post wrote.

Eight former and current employees testified in court, with some saying under oath that they noticed a lack of Black bartenders working at the Redline and heard Dadlani say that he preferred “hot blonde white chicks” behind the bar.

However, these racial attitudes were not only seen as aggressions toward Black staff and applicants, but toward patrons as well. One person testified that in 2011, Dadlani had closed Redline down early because a “group of customers [were] dressed in baggy clothing or who had a “ganglike” appearance,” The Post reported. There were also accusations that bouncers would racially profile potential Black patrons at the door, pretending to have a guest list for …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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