Three Black Students In Albany Report Being Attacked By Nearly A Dozen Whites On City Bus

By Kellee Terrell

Three Black female students from SUNY University of Albany claim they were racially harassed and physically assaulted by nearly a dozen white male and female students on a local bus early Saturday morning, News 10 ABC reported.

The three students told the police that they were sitting in the back of the CDTA bus when they got into a verbal argument with 10-14 white students sitting in front of them. As the argument got heated, the white students allegedly called the Black women racial slurs and then a physical fight broke out.

According to the young Black women, they defended themselves as the white students began punching and kicking them. One of the women said that even falling on the floor, didn’t stop several white male passengers from repeatedly kicking her. After getting off at their stop on campus, the women immediately went to Albany Medical Center to have their multiple injuries, including a possible concussion, lacerations and scratches, looked at, The Albany Times Union reported.

One of the women, Asha Burwell, a junior from Long Island, took to Twitter to describe what happened:

I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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