#UPLIFT: White House Invites Homeless Choir To Holiday Party

By NewsOne Staff

This homeless choir got a personal invite to a White House holiday party https://t.co/Xv50o95tBP pic.twitter.com/umJyXUQmMy

— Dr. Pope (@drjcpopeonline) November 22, 2015

Here’s some good news to make you smile, right in time for the holidays.

A choir comprised of men from Atlanta’s Central Night Shelter are making their way to the nation’s capital in December to perform at the White House Open House Holiday Celebration, the Huffington Post reports. The Atlanta’s Homeward Choir — which was founded three years ago as “a group of men who get together to sing, make music and come in out of the cold,” founder Donal Noonan told the Post — owe the visit to a joke he made after the choir completed their last season, the Post writes.

“A friend congratulated me and asked how I was going to top that,” he said. “I responded jokingly next stop the White House and … that planted a seed.”

And, if the invitation is any indication, the power of speech made it happen.

Noonan made some calls to a friend who had worked in the government, but didn’t hear back for a while. Then, a few weeks ago, the director and his chorus got a …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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