Ex-Addict Who Became Prominent Pastor Found Dead in Church

By Associated Press

IRVINGTON, N.J. (AP) — A former heroin addict who turned to religion and became a prominent pastor after he was released from prison was found dead Friday in the church where he preached and ministered to those who walked in his shoes.

A family member found the Rev. Ron Christian, 51, inside the Christian Love Baptist Church, the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office said. Foul play was not suspected, but officials were awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause and manner of death.

Christian was a prison guard who battled heroin addiction before he lost his job and was sentenced to prison in 1996 for theft. Upon his release in 1997, he joined a church in Newark where his father, a retired pastor, was working.

He decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and became a minister, which led him to this community where drugs and violence are daily problems. He became pastor of Christian Love Baptist Church in 2000. The church, which had just a dozen members, has since grown to a congregation of 6,000.

He was known for being a pastor whom wanted murderers, drug dealers and other criminals could turn to: Christian would encourage them to do what was right and turn …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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