Boy From Memorable Hurricane Katrina Interview Is Now Living Life As A Woman [VIDEO]


You may not immediately remember the face of this cute little boy, who looked directly into the NBC-TV camera and spoke so eloquently about his surroundings at the New Orleans Superdome during one of the most devastating events his hometown, New Orleans, had seen.

Well, you certainly wouldn’t recognize Charles Evans today.

A lot can happen in 10 years. He’s taller, of course. And he has outgrown that cute little face and the big eyes. He wears his hair long, and has exchanged the trousers he once wore… for a skirt.

Yes. The former ‘Mister’ has begun the process to becoming a ‘Ms.’

As the ten year anniversary of Katrina unfolds, we not only get to take a look back at a devastating time; but we also get to hear how the thousands of New Orleans residents affected by Katrina have moved forward from the event.

Little Charles had been one of the hundreds of families that took shelter inside the Superdome at the time of the raging floods, along with his great-grandmother, Ophelia.

News crews caught up with those held up in Superdome in the aftermath of Katrina, and how could we forget Charles, who looked right into the camera and spoke with more …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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