Teacher Fought Back Against Racist At Christian School And Was Fired

By Parker Riley

Faith Christian Academy is a private school in Arvada, Colorado, which is right outside of Denver. The school has had reports of racism and when teacher Gregg Tucker, who had been teaching there for 17 years, tried to fix these issues, he was fired.

Allegedly, a teacher called a student “Blackie.” Another teacher wrote and shared an essay claiming “whites are the superior race.” A white student told a Black student to “go back to the cotton fields” and a student allegedly wore a swastika to school. These racist incidents were reported from students, according to Denver7, an ABC affiliate. To properly address these issues, Gregg Tucker planned a day where students can discuss race and faith. He notified parents, even detailing who the speakers would be, which included former alumni. The day after, white tears were shed.

Denver7 reports, “A group of parents complained to board members, saying they were upset their students were exposed to terms like ‘white privilege,’ adding that talk of racism is ‘too political for a Christian school education.’” Too political but the Black students are experiencing blatant racism? That is a prime example of white privilege. Gregg Tucker was fired the next …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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