Gruesome Medical Error Costs North Carolina Woman Her Hands And Feet

By Parker Riley

In July 2015, Adrienne Harris, a mother of three from Charlotte, North Carolina, entered Carolinas Medical Center to remove her fallopian tubes after she was diagnosed with an ectopic pregnancy. Months later, Adrienne had no hands and feet.

Attorney Charles Monnett , who is representing Harris, said, “During her surgery, there was an injury to her bowel that went undetected, undiagnosed, and unrepaired.” According to WSOC-TV, “The surgery left a hole in her small intestine allowed the contents to leak into her abdomen causing sepsis. The lawsuit alleges doctors didn’t catch the mistake for two days.”

This gruesome error from a team of doctors forced Harris into another surgery to repair the hole, which resulted in portions of her small bowel and colon being removed. She remained ill and will need more surgeries.

“Organ damage and poor condition brought on by the sepsis caused gangrene to her hands and feet.” Harris required “below the knee amputations of both legs and trans-radial amputations of both hands,” according to reports.

She also can’t properly digest food by mouth for the rest of her life.

Allegedly, though doctors at Carolinas Medical Center made a mistake that ruined this woman’s life, the have only …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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