White Woman Apologizes For Calling Black Child A Monkey On Instagram

By Sonya Eskridge

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An Instagram travel blogger is apologizing for calling a young African girl a monkey.

We just went through this.

A few days ago, Instagram personality Taylor Marie posted a picture of herself holding a young girl from Ghana. The caption almost immediately drew

A caption for the picture originally read, “Here’s me and the cutest little monkey I met in Ghana, Hannah. She always had me pick her up every time she saw me.”

Days later, after she had been informed of her huge transgression, Taylor took the offending post down. She replaced it with a post that featured the same picture and an apology.

The college student insisted that she didn’t mean to call the girl a racial slur. She attempted to explain what inspired her to label Hannah a monkey. Although she stated that she didn’t know this is offensive, she didn’t use her ignorance as a shield to the consequences she might face.

“I want to sincerely apologize with a broken heart – for the offense that a …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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