Lee Daniels Claims “Reverse Racism” Hurt Mo’Nique. Really?

By Michael Arceneaux

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Mo’Nique (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)


For the last several days, Mo’Nique and Lee Daniels have been revisiting a conversation they had privately years ago in public spaces. This rehash of history started with Mo’Nique informing The Hollywood Reporter that director Lee Daniels told her after winning an Oscar for a role she played in his film Precious that she had been “blackballed.” The reason: “Because you didn’t play the game.”

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This includes “making unreasonable demands” like requesting compensation for participating in promotion of the film as well as not being particularly gracious to those that worked on Precious. There have been other reasons cited from third parties about her alleged bad attitude, not to mention that of her husband and manager, Sidney Hicks. In “About That Time Mo’Nique’s Husband Threatened Me…And Why Hollywood Blackballed Them,” Sian-Pierre Regis recounts how Hicks called him and proceeded to yell at him and threaten to get him fired for attempting to do a segment on the designer dressing Mo’Nique for the Oscars.

Lee Daniels has since chimed in himself.

Speaking with CNN’s Don Lemon, Daniels characterized Mo’Nique has “brilliant” …read more

Source:: News One

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