Man Creates Dating Site For Himself [VIDEO]

By NewsOne Now

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It’s WTH?! Thursday on “NewsOne Now” and we’re taking a look at some of the most insane stories to cross news wires this week.

25-year-old Brooklyn-based bartender, Brandon Scott Wolf launched a dating site just for himself to stack the odds of him finding a date in his favor. For all of you who are interested in hooking up with the single bartender, visit

8-year-old Shelby Counterman raises thousands of hissing cockroaches in her Tulsa Oklahoma home. She lines the plastic containers she keeps the little buggers in with vaseline so they don’t escape.

Unfortunately there is an app for those who want to share the sound of their flatulence with the rest of the world. The “Fartners” app allows users to share their farts, comment, like, rate, play and re-play sounds of the thunder from down under.

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Source:: Black America Web

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