5 Reasons This Year’s Women’s March Is So Meaningful To Black Women

By Clarissa Hamlin

January 21 will mark a year since the Women’s March took its boots-to-the-ground activism to Washington D.C. The crowds, who fought back against the threats of a new Trump administration that threatened civil rights, was full of millions of women, especially Black women.

Tamika Mallory, co-chair of last year’s historic protest and co-president of the Women’s March board, knew the chance to raise a chorus of voices against inequality was real.

“The women’s march has provided an opportunity for women to understand our collective power and to understand that the more public we are, the more we have an opportunity to bring our issues to the forefront,” Mallory recently said to USA Today.

Now, one year later, women will once again descend around the country to fight in several cities including New York City and Los Angeles on the January 20-21 weekend. But just how meaningful is this year’s event for Black women?

Here are five reasons why African-American female activists are standing up:

Political Power

Women’s March organizers will launch a national voter registration tour this year. The Power to the Polls event, taking place in Las Vegas, will call attention to Nevada as a battleground state in the 2018 …read more

Source:: Black America Web

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