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Erica Garner Passes Away At 27

By Parker Riley

Erica Garner, activist and daughter of Eric Garner, has passed away. She was the mother of two and only 27 years old.

The New York Daily News reported she suffered an asthma attack on December 23, which caused a heart attack. Erica did not know she had heart issues until her last pregnancy in August, “after that pregnancy, Erica suffered a first cardiac arrest a few months ago, her mother said. The pregnancy had put a strain on her heart, which doctors discovered was enlarged — a condition Erica had not been aware of.” Sadly, Erica never fully recovered and passed away this morning. Her family confirmed the news on Twitter:

She passed away this morning. The reports are real. We didn’t deserve her.

— officialERICA GARNER (@es_snipes) December 30, 2017

Erica Garner was the daughter of Eric Garner, who was killed on July 17, 2014, when an NYPD officer restrained him with an illegal chokehold. The killing was caught on camera with Garner repeatedly saying, “I can’t breathe.” The officer was never indicted.

Erica was an activist for social justice. She even campaigned for Senator Bernie Sanders‘ run for president and blasted the Clinton campaign …read more

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American Eagle Outfitters Bracelet Accused Of Looking Like A Slave Shackle

By Parker Riley

American Eagle is getting some serious backlash for a men’s bracelet that some say looks like a slave shackle. One person noticed the striking resemblance and Tweeted this:

@american_eagle I saw this “bracelet” in and think you need to revisit this. I would never wear this due to the obvious slavery connection. I hope you do the right thing and remove this from your stores. Please retweet your support. #SlavesNoMore

— Ronald E. Frazier II (@Ron_II) December 11, 2017

It’s hard to see these bracelets don’t look like a throwback to shackles. It’s as if someone at American Eagle Googled “slave shackles” and said, “What a cool idea for a bracelet!” The tweets continued, slamming the retail store for their odd choice of fashion. See below:

I mean, COME ON, @AEO!! Seems a little obvious. We do not need to get slavery jewelry trending. It IS offensive.

— Lorraine Devon Wilke (@LorraineDWilke) December 13, 2017

Bracelets? Look more like slave shackles to me. Black people wearing shackles from a company named American Eagle. No thanks

— BLACK MAN …read more

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NY Quadruple Murder Leaves Family Members Concerned

By Diannah Watson,

In upstate New York, police are on the hunt for the person responsible for the murder of a mother, her two kids, and her partner found the day after Christmas.

NBC News reports that the city of Troy is on high alert as police track down the killer who committed what the police chief calls,”savagery.”

36-year-old Shanta Myers, her 11-year-old son Jeremiah, her 5-year-old daughter Shanise and 22-year-old Brandi Mells were found tied and bounded in their basement apartment. Myers who has a 15-year-old son was out of town when the murder occurred.

Not much information surrounding the deaths of the victims were released, however, the Albany Times Union states that the victims were found with their throats slashed.

Unclear on the motives for the murder, police believe that the victims were targeted.

Shakera Symes, Myers sister described her sister as, “sweet…She goes out of her way to want to be loved. She wouldn’t be involved in anything that would be close to deserving this. She’s very mild-mannered.”

Symes now has custody of her sister’s 15-year-old son and is asking anyone with any information to come forward.

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Alabama Police Beat 17-Year-Old Black Teen

By Associated Press

TROY, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama woman said Friday that police officers severely beat her black 17-year-old son while he was handcuffed and she wants answers from authorities about what happened.

Angela Williams shared a photo of her son’s bloodied face on Facebook and it went viral. Representatives for the family said Ulysses Wilkerson was startled by police on the night of Dec. 23 and he ran away. Officers caught up to him and beat him, they said.

Pike County District Attorney Tom Anderson told CNN police said they used force after Wilkerson reached into his waistband for what they feared might be a weapon. Troy police told WHDN-TV that Wilkerson has been charged with resisting arrest and obstruction, both misdemeanors.

Family members, some of them wearing All Lives Matter T-shirts, held a news conference Friday and spoke about how Wilkerson was another example of police mistreatment of African-Americans. The family said authorities have not told them what happened.

“I’m in the dark, and I should be the last one in the dark,” Williams said.

Police in the city of Troy have been tightlipped about what happened and said state authorities are investigating. It’s not clear what race the arresting officers were.

Wilkerson’s father, Ulysses Wilkerson …read more

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Brave Civil Rights Activist Recy Taylor Dies

By Clarissa Hamlin

Recy Taylor, who spearheaded an anti-rape activism movement in the Jim Crow South after she was abducted and brutally raped by six White men in 1944, passed away in Abbeville, Alabama on Thursday. She was 97.

Taylor had been in good spirits on Wednesday before her sudden death in her sleep at a nursing home just three days before her 98th birthday, her brother Robert Corbitt said to The Associated Press. The brave woman was only 24 years old when she was kidnapped and sexually assaulted while she walked home from an Alabama church. Her case drew the attention of Rosa Parks, who the NAACP assigned to investigate the unprovoked attack. However, justice never came for Taylor.

Recy Taylor, Alabama woman whose abduction and rape by six white men in 1944 made national headlines, dies via @NBCBLK

— NBC News (@NBCNews) December 29, 2017

The six men who admitted to having violated Taylor got off after two all-white, all-male grand juries failed to indict them. Years later after the men’s deaths, Taylor expressed that she still wanted officials to make amends. “It would mean …read more

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Proposal For Black Confederate Soldiers Monument Fuels A Myth

By Nigel Roberts

South Carolina lawmakers pre-filed legislation to establish a commission to design an African-American Confederate monument that would recognize the contributions of Black Confederate soldiers, the Spartanburg Herald Journal reported. But the real reason for the monument is to promote a myth.

“We came to the realization there was a lot we didn’t know about the war and their sacrifices. These people were heroes and forgotten heroes,” said South Carolina’s Republican state Rep. Bill Chumley, who co-sponsored the bill.

The Myth of the Black Confederate Soldier via @thedailybeast #CharlestonSyllabus

— Levels to My Doneness (@KidadaEWilliams) August 10, 2015

Part of the commission’s work would include educating public school students about the participation of Black men in the Confederate army, said Chumley, one of the lawmakers who voted in 2015 against removing the Confederate flag from Statehouse grounds. He denied that his proposal is a pretext to bringing back the controversial flag and other symbols of the Confederacy to the Statehouse grounds.

Forget that nonsense. What Chumley and company are attempting to do is promote the fiction that the Civil War was not fought over slavery but was instead a bloody …read more

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Erica Garner Is ‘Brain Dead’ Days After Massive Heart Attack

By Clarissa Hamlin

Tragedy has hit for Erica Garner’s family again. The beloved 27-year-old activist daughter of Eric Garner has been declared brain dead after having suffered a recent heart attack Saturday night, the New York Daily News reported Thursday morning.

“She’s not gone, she’s brain dead,” Garner’s heartbroken mother Esaw Snipes explained. “Physically she is still with us.”

Doctors had called family members to Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn, New York early Thursday to say their final goodbyes to Garner, a courageous mother and critic of police violence in recent years after her father’s 2014 chokehold death at the hands of New York City police officers. Garner went into cardiac arrest before being placed in a medically induced coma. The heart attack caused her to suffer major brain damage, according to the activist’s Twitter account that was being updated by an associate. She remained on life support Thursday morning, her mother said.

As of now there are no updates on Erica’s condition. She is still in a medically induced coma. Doctors will continue to monitor her over the next few days. We appreciate your individual and collective prayers. You can hold off on …read more

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Arkansas Woman Survives Being Thrown Into Freezing River

By Diannah Watson,

An Arkansas woman was kidnapped and survived after being thrown from a bridge into a half-frozen lake with freezing temperatures after witnessing a shooting.

The NY Daily News reports, that the 42-year-old woman swam to safety where she was found by someone who called the police. She was discovered after a witness heard screaming and called 911 for help.

The woman told Little Rock Police that she was kidnapped after seeing a shooting in which two people died. Of the victims, 49-year-old Arlin Nugent died at the scene while the other was taken to the hospital expected to live.

Police have already arrested one man in connection with the crimes and are on the hunt for the second suspect.

33-year-old Richard Gilliam was arrested and held without bond at the Lonoke County Jail with the charge of capital murder.

According to sheriff’s at the county jail, Gilliam and his accomplice entered a home in Scott, Arkansas where they opened fire on people.

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Atlanta News Anchor Amanda Davis Dies

By Diannah Watson,

Atlanta news anchor, Amanda Davis died Wednesday, December 27, 2017, after suffering from a stroke on Tuesday.

USA Today reports while boarding a flight at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport Davis had a stroke. She was on her way to San Antonio for the funeral of her step-father.

Davis died at the hospital on Wednesday where she was surrounded by family.

A statement released by Atlanta local news states that her family, “is asking for privacy at this difficult time.”

Davis had a long career working in the Atlanta as a journalist for 25 years. She was the morning and noon anchor for WGCL-TV’s show. Before that, she was the reporter and anchor for WAGA-TV a Fox affiliate.

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Federal Murder Complaint Filed Against Postal Worker

By Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A federal criminal complaint Wednesday stated that a disgruntled Ohio postal worker murdered two U.S. government employees for performing their official duties.

The complaint signed by a U.S. postal inspector was filed in U.S. district court in Columbus. Deshaune Stewart, 24, was arrested Saturday, accused of fatally shooting his supervisor at a post office in suburban Columbus and then killing a postmaster outside her apartment.

Authorities say Stewart was naked during both attacks.

U.S. Attorney’s spokeswoman Jennifer Thornton said Stewart remained in state custody. A Franklin County court record earlier indicated a mental evaluation was ordered for Stewart, charged with aggravated murder in the Ohio court.

Thornton said federal and local authorities would work together to determine the appropriate venue for prosecution.

No attorney was listed for Stewart.

<img data-attachment-id="657782" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="466,335" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta='{"aperture":"1.7","credit":"AP","camera":"SM-G930P","caption":"Police investigate the scene of a fatal shooting at a post office Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017, in Dublin, Ohio. A disgruntled mail carrier facing dismissal has been charged with aggravated murder for fatally shooting his supervisor at the suburban Ohio post office and with murder for killing a postmaster outside of her apartment complex. Police say 24-year-old DeShaune Stewart was naked during the slayings Saturday morning inside the …read more

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