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‘Law Enforcement Failed This Family:’ Missing Black Kansas City Woman Discovered Dead

By Jeff Mays

Although African Americans make up just 13 percent of the U.S. population, we account for 37 percent of the missing in the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s database under the age of 18 and 26 percent above the age of 18. Cases involving African Americans also tend to receive less media coverage than missing Whites, with missing men of color getting even less attention.NewsOne has partnered with the Black and Missing Foundation to focus on the crisis of missing African Americans.

The decomposing body of missing Kansas City woman Carrie Blewett, whose family says police ignored their pleas to help find her because she was drug addicted, was found earlier this month in a field about five miles from her mother’s home.

Even though Blewett, a 37-year-old missing mother of four, was struggling with drug addiction, that didn’t stop her from checking in with at least one member of her family on a daily basis.

Blewett’s decomposing body was found at 9:26 a.m. August 3 in a field near 5129 College Ave., an area the family told police she was known to frequent. City workers noticed a body along the tree line, Kansas City Police Department officials told NewsOne. Police used …read more

Source:: News One

Georgia To Unveil New MLK Statue On Capitol Grounds


A statue of Martin Luther King Jr. will be placed on the same property in Atlanta where two statues of Confederate officials stand, according to NPR.

The new statue of the civil rights leader is expected to be unveiled today, the 53rd anniversary of his famous “I have a dream” speech.

In the state capitol, it will stand on the opposite of a statue of John Brown Gordon, who was a Confederate general and reportedly a leader of the Klu Klux Klan, NPR reported. It will also be near a statue of former Sen. Richard Russell, who was a strong opponent of civil rights legislation.

“The King statue will inspire and give hope to generations to come,” Georgia state Rep. Calvin Smyre (D), who is also a member of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, told the radio network.

“The day the statue memorializing [King] is unveiled will be a great day in the history of our state and nation,” Smyre said.

Although the decision to add the statue was made “well before” deadly violence at the white supremacist rally earlier this month in Charlottesville, Va. according to NPR, the unveiling comes after heightened scrutiny of Confederate statues nationwide.

“I think that this will …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Two Arrested In Charlottesville Violence

By Diannah Watson,

According to the New York Times, police have arrested two men including one involved in the Ku Klux Klan in connection with the violence that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On August 12, 2017, white supremacist, KKK members, and racists entered the city of Charlottesville for a pro-white rally that quickly turned violent. It resulted in the death of 32-year-old Heather Heyer who was protesting against white supremacy. Out of Charlotteville also came the story of 20-Deandre Harris that was cornered and beaten by white supremacist protesters.

Just two weeks after the protest, 18-year-old Daniel P. Borden was charged in the brutal beating of Deandre Harris. He was arrested Friday, August 25, 2017, and has been held at the Hamilton County Justice Center according to Charlottesville police.

33-year-old Alex Michael Ramos was arrested and charged with malicious wounding, a felony punishable by 5 years.

In an interview with the New York Times, the attorney for Deandre Harris and his family explained that, “news of the arrest of one of the six men that assaulted him comes five suspects short and 14 days too late. Given that these men were identified by a journalist almost immediately, it appears …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Battered By Harvey, Houston Braces For Even More Flooding

By Michael Graczyk, Associated Press

HOUSTON (AP) — As Houston braced for more rain and rescues, officials started releasing more water from reservoirs overwhelmed by Harvey early Monday, even though the move aimed at protecting the city’s downtown could make already devastating flooding worse around thousands of homes.

Harvey, which made landfall late Friday as a Category 4 hurricane and has lingered dropping heavy rain as a tropical storm, sent devastating floods pouring into the nation’s fourth-largest city on Sunday. The rising water chased thousands of people to rooftops or higher ground and overwhelmed rescuers who could not keep up with the constant calls for help.

Residents living near the Addicks and Barker reservoirs — that were designed to prevent flooding in downtown Houston — were warned Sunday that a controlled release from both reservoirs would cause additional street flooding that could spill into homes. Rising water levels and continuing rain was putting pressure on the dams that could cause a failure without the release. Harris and Fort Bend county officials advised residents to pack their cars Sunday night and wait for daylight Monday to leave.

“The idea is to prepare … pack up what you need and put it in your vehicle and when the sun …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Black Man (Theo Wilson) Goes Undercover Online As A White Supremacist


Here’s a story that we think you’ll find interesting, fascinating and extraordinary. It’s about a brother named Theo Wilson who went undercover online as a white supremacist to better understand what motivates them. Needless to say, he learned a lot.

For Wilson, it began when he started getting trolled after he started making and curating YouTube videos about culture and race. It was obvious that the trolls had a problem with what he doing based on the racial slurs they left on the page.

After trying to spar with them on a logical level in the comments section, Wilson began to notice something curious: His trolls seemed to speak a language unto themselves, one that came with the same twisted facts and false history. It was as if they had all passed through some “dimensional doorway,” arriving from an alternative universe where history, politics and commonly accepted facts had been turned inside out.

Wilson learned that as far as his trolls are concerned, slavery was a form of charity that benefited enslaved Africans; that freed blacks owned more slaves than whites before the Civil War; that people of color make up the majority of those receiving aid from America’s safety-net programs; and …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Two Chicago Bars Will Boycott The NFL

By Diannah Watson,

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If you’re in Chicago hoping to catch a few football games this season, then don’t expect these two bars to entertain you.

According to the Chicago Sun Times, The Velvet Lounge and Bureau Bar will not be playing any NFL games this season in support of Colin Kaepernick.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, August 23, 2017, both bars posted the same picture on their pages with the same caption saying they, “WILL BE SUPPORTING COLIN KAEPERNICK’S CAUSE AND WILL NOT BE SHOWING ANY NFL GAMES UNTIL SOMETHING CHANGES. WE LOOK FORWARD TO SERVING YOU.”

Instagram Photo

This is a huge show of support, especially for bars during the NFL season. Way to go Chicago! We see you!

(Photo Credit: Think Image)

(Source: Chicago Sun Times)

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Bay Area Leaders Strive To Protect Speech & Prevent Violence

By Paul Elias & Janie Har, Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Police and civic leaders in the cradle of America’s free speech movement will struggle to balance liberty of expression with safeguards against violence as demonstrators with varying political viewpoints travel to the San Francisco Bay Area for dueling rallies throughout the weekend.

On Saturday, a politically conservative group called Patriot Prayer will host a “freedom rally” near the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, over the vociferous objections of San Francisco’s Mayor Ed Lee and other Democratic leaders who say the group invites hate. On Sunday, a transsexual supporter of President Donald Trump plans a “No to Marxism in America” event in a downtown city park in nearby Berkeley.

Opponents will mobilize too, including clowns and drag queens as well as an anti-Trump organization that has sometimes supported violent tactics.

The challenge for law enforcement comes after an Aug. 12 rally of white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia that turned deadly, killing one counter-protester and two state troopers. Police in both California cities traditionally have given demonstrators a wide berth, even when rallies in recent years turned violent as protesters from both the left and the right have punched people, destroyed property and engaged in violence.

But the deaths …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Orphaned Kids Build New Lives After Sierra Leone’s Mudslides

By Lekan Oyekanmi and Carley Petesch , Associated Press

FREETOWN, Sierra Leone (AP) — Seven-year-old Ali Mansaray must build a new life for himself after surviving the mudslides and flooding that killed nearly 500 people, including his parents, in Sierra Leone last week.

Now he is being looked after by his grandmother, who was spared because she was sleeping at a friend’s home the night of the Aug. 14 disaster.

“The boy’s mother and father are dead. Zainab and Idrisa gave birth to him, both of them are dead now, even our neighbors,” a grieving Emma Mansaray told The Associated Press. “Only God saved me because I did not sleep there.”

Ali is among hundreds of children who have lost one or both parents to the mudslides in this impoverished West African nation’s capital. Many children have no family members left alive. The children now line up for food rations at temporary shelters, with few hopes that any survivors will be found among the estimated 600 people missing.

Charities in Sierra Leone are grappling with how to help the hundreds of children who have lost parents. It is particularly difficult in a country where just two years ago a deadly Ebola outbreak decimated many families.

“It’s a real knock for the country …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Cross Burning Victims Wonder Why Priest Is Confessing Now

By Matthew Barakat, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Phillip and Barbara Butler hadn’t given much thought to the man who burned a cross on their front lawn 40 years ago.

Then they heard the startling news Tuesday that the perpetrator had become a priest and was ministering to Catholics not far from their home.

“I didn’t know what to say. It was unbelievable,” Phillip Butler said Wednesday at a news conference.

The priest, the Rev. William Aitcheson, went public with his old Ku Klux Klan affiliation Monday, writing a column in the diocesan newspaper.
He said his past was not a secret, but he felt compelled to make it more public after seeing images of violence at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Aitcheson, now 62, described his past actions as despicable: “To anyone who has been subjected to racism or bigotry, I am sorry. I have no excuse, but I hope you will forgive me.”

For the Butlers, though, his announcement provided more questions than answers.

The Butlers’ lawyer, Ted Williams, called on Aitcheson to publicly identify his Klan associates as well as anyone who helped him with the cross-burning.

The Butlers said the cross was big and heavy, more than six feet tall (1.8-meters), so …read more

Source:: Black America Web

Within 24 Hours A Pair Of Wildly Different Trump Speeches

By Julie Bykowicz and Johnathan Lemire, Associated Press

RENO, Nev. (AP) — Within a 24-hour span, President Donald Trump delivered one speech in which he tore into the media and members of his own party and a second in which he called for national unity and love.

The about-face seemed to reflect the president’s real-time internal debate between calls for moderation and his inclination to let loose.

On Wednesday, the president spoke in measured tones and stuck to his prepared remarks as he praised veterans at an American Legion conference in Nevada as examples for a nation yearning to set aside its differences.

“We are here to hold you up as an example of strength, courage and resolve that our country will need to overcome the many challenges that we face,” he said.

The night before, the president cut loose in Arizona, defying instructions from his aides to stick to the script and angrily renewing his fight with the press over its coverage of his comments about the race-fueled violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The public push-and-pull in Trump’s message mirrors the internal dynamics at the White House, where new chief of staff John Kelly has organized and regimented the West Wing staff but has been unable to rein in …read more

Source:: Black America Web