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Noose Discovered Hanging Near Smithsonian Museum

By NewsOne Staff

A noose was discovered hanging from a tree outside the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum in the District of Columbia on Friday, reports the Chicago Tribune.

From the Chicago Tribune:

U.S. Park Police say the noose was found Friday on the grounds of the Hirshhorn Museum. Officials said in a statement that it’s unclear how long the noose had been there. It was found by a Smithsonian police officer.

The Washington Post reports that Smithsonian Secretary David J. Skorton said in an email to staff that the institution is committed to being a “welcoming, inclusive and safe place for all.” He said he knows staff will join him in “deploring” the act.

It is an unfortunate irony that a sign of intimidation/ignorance would be placed on our National Mall where Americans of all walks of life..

— MurielBowser (@MurielBowser) May 27, 2017

…The District Government in particular @DCPoliceDept will assist the @Smithsonian in any way possible & we ask the public to do the same.

— MurielBowser (@MurielBowser) May 27, 2017

The discovery comes weeks after bananas marked with the letters “AKA,” …read more

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A Bronx Street Has Been Renamed After Kalief Browder On His Birthday

By Kiyonna Anthony

Kalief Browder

Source: iOne Digital / creative services

Kalief Browder‘s story is still one of the darkest tales in the history of the American prison system.

After committing suicide at just 22 years old, the young man who served three years at Rikers Island (although he was never convicted), received a beautiful posthumous birthday gift this year. On Wednesday, officials announced that a Bronx street corner will be renamed in Browder’s honor.

According to reports, the corner 181st St. and Prospect Ave. will now be named “Kalief Browder Way.” His family joined both elected officials and activists at the newly renamed corner on Thursday. Browder’s treatment at Riker’s Island, which resulted in his suicide, sparked a national conversation about shutting down the notorious prison.

Bronx streetcorner renamed “Kalief Browder Way” on former Rikers inmate’s 24th birthday

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) May 26, 2017

Kalief was 16 years old when he was accused of stealing a backpack, but because his family could not afford the $3,000 bail, he was forced to stay in the jail, where he endured beatings and abuse, including 400 days in solitary confinement. Jay Z recently produced a docuseries …read more

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Harvard University Hosts First Black Graduation Ceremony

By NewsOne Staff

Harvard University’s Black Graduate Student Alliance held its first Black Commencement, which celebrated African-American graduates from the institution’s graduate schools, reports Harvard Magazine.

From Harvard Magazine:

This first Black Commencement drew national attention when it was announced earlier this month—some if it negative, suggesting that it represented a form of segregation or racial resentment. Segregation could not have been a less fitting analogy. Today’s attendees, friends and family members of all races, watched as students received their stoles, an occasion to reflect on the uniqueness of the black student experience and to mark students’ contributions to, not their separateness from, the academic community.

The ceremony was organized against a backdrop of renewed racial-justice activism at Harvard and in the nation in general: Last year, under pressure from students, the law school abandoned its official seal because it represented the crest of a slave-owning family, and, later, President Drew Faust publicly recognized Harvard’s links to slavery.

According to the outlet, the commencement ceremony featured four student speakers, and graduates were draped with kente stoles by the school’s deans when they walked across the stage.

SOURCE: Harvard Magazine

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Here’s The First Look At The Obama Presidential Library

By D.L. Chandler

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Roland Martin and NewsOne Now examined a preview of Barack Obama‘s presidential library in Chicago, which boasts some unique features.

Martin shared with NewsOne Now viewers some of the details of the library, along with video provided by The Obama Foundation of the plans for the site.

The library will stand in Chicago’s Jackson Park and will consist of three buildings, including a museum. He [Obama] described the museum as a transformational project for the community. It will also be the first completely digital presidential library and will also contain a branch of the Chicago Public Library. It will cost about $500 million dollars and will also likely open in 2021,” said Martin.

Watch Roland Martin describe the upcoming presidential library for Barack Obama in the clip above.

Watch NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, in its new time slot on TV One.

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Judge Orders New Sentence For D.C. Sniper Lee Boyd Malvo

By NewsOne Staff

A federal judge ruled Friday that Lee Boyd Malvo — one of two men convicted for the Washington, D.C. sniper shooting spree that terrorized the public in fall 2002 — should be resentenced, reports NBC News.

From NBC News:

Malvo [who was 17 at the time of the 2002 shootings that left at least 10 people dead] received sentences of life without parole after two separate trials. But in 2012 the U.S. Supreme Court struck down life sentences without parole for juveniles. And in 2016, it said that holding applied retroactively to cases on appeal.

Federal District Court Judge Raymond Jackson [of the Federal District Court in Norfolk, Virginia] ruled Friday that because of those two Supreme Court decisions, Malvo must be resentenced.

Jackson wrote that there were many constitutional questions raised by Malvo’s case that were “fundamental” after a Virginia jury sentenced Malvo’s accomplice John Allen Muhammad to death by execution in 2009, reports The New York Times.

SOURCE: NBC News, The New York Times

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Black Miss Texas Says Cop Called Her ‘Black B***h’ Before Wrongful Arrest

By Clarissa Hamlin

Miss Black Texas 2016 recently posted on Twitter that a cop referred to her as a “Black b***h” before wrongfully arresting her in North Texas, reports The Huffington Post.

Police brutality and Abuse of Power from a Police Chief. Let me talk to my lawyer and I’ll fill y’all in #blacklivesmatter

— Carmen Sensei (@CarmenSierraaa) May 22, 2017

From The Huffington Post:

Carmen Ponder, an intern at the Hunt County district attorney’s office and a recent graduate of Texas A&M University, tweeted Tuesday that she experienced “road rage” from Kerry Crews, the police chief in Commerce, Texas…

“Whatever, you black b***h,” Crews allegedly told Ponder after she reminded him that it’s “illegal” for a 14-year-old to drive.Ponder — who also she was handcuffed and charged with evading arrest after Crews called her the curse word and she exited a North Texas Walmart — is pushing for charges against Crews, reports The New York Post.

SOURCE: The Huffington Post, New York Post

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Wrongfully Convicted Philadelphia Man Exonerated After 24 Years

By Nigel Roberts

A Philadelphia man was exonerated after serving 24 years of a life sentence for a murder he did not commit, CBS News reports.

Shaurn Thomas walked out of prison on Tuesday after a court threw out his 1993 conviction. A single witness, who later recanted, testified that Thomas, 16 years old at the time, was involved in the slaying of a businessman.

Thomas, who always maintained his innocence, received legal assistance toward his exoneration from the Innocence Project.

#shaurnthomas is a free man @innocence #ProBono @dechertllp hugs his mother

— Beth Huffman (@bethhuff59) May 23, 2017

“This is a man who has not only been proclaiming his innocence, but has been doing everything he can to prove it,” Marissa Bluestine, who is executive director of the Pennsylvania Innocence Project, told CBS News Philadelphia. “This is one of those cases that should not have gone to trial, but unfortunately it did.”

Now 43 years old, Thomas said he always believed he would be cleared, and like many other exonerated prisoners, he does not hold a grudge.

SOURCE: CBS …read more

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11th Grader Told Her Afro Needed To Be ‘Fixed’ And Couldn’t Be Worn In School

By Kellee Terrell Stop punishing our kids & start embracing the hair naturally growing from our heads #JenesisJohnson #naturalhair

— Clinton Johnson (@ClintonGJohnson) May 21, 2017

A 17-year-old Florida student is lashing out at her school for telling her that her natural hair was a problem.

According to WCTV, Jenesis Johnson was told by her teacher at North Florida Christian School in Tallahasee that the afro she’d been wearing for the past seven months needed to be done and that it was a was a distraction to classmates.

Her response? “My hair is fixed.”

She also says that she was asked in front of other students “how long did she plan on wearing that way?”

Two days later she called down the assistant principal’s office who then allegedly said to her, “Your hair is extreme and faddish and out of control. It’s all over the place.”

WCTV reported that the school’s handbook stresses that students shouldn’t wear “faddish or extreme hairstyles, and hair should be neat and clean at all times.” If they do “the administration will make the decision on any questionable styles.”

And while Johnson’s mother says that she understands the handbook’s rules, …read more

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Black Women Call Out DNC For Excluding Them From Leadership

By NewsOne Staff

Tuesday morning, a slew of Black women, including activists, community leaders, elected officials and others released an open letter to Democratic National Committee Chair Tom Perez calling for a meeting to discuss the state of Black women and the Party.

Black women have clearly been an integral part of the election of the last few Democratic presidents, and are loyal to the Democratic party beyond any other demographic. In fact, the letter notes that, “Black women voters are the very foundation to a winning coalition,” yet the party does not reciprocate this loyalty in any meaningful way.

Boldface names like Tamika Mallory, Marcia Fudge and Star Jones signed their names to the letter which reads in part,

We have voted and organized our communities with little support or investment from the Democratic Party for voter mobilization efforts. We have shown how Black women lead, yet the Party’s leadership from Washington to the state parties have few or no Black women in leadership. More and more, Black women are running for office and winning elections — with scant support from Democratic Party infrastructure.

Investing in Black women’s political leadership is a solid return on investment, one that is rooted in facts and data. In …read more

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Trump Loses Travel Ban Appeal, Will Most Likely Go To Supreme Court

By NewsOne Staff

A federal appeals court slapped down the latest iteration of President Trump‘s travel ban, saying it “drips with religious intolerance, animus and discrimination,” according to the New York Times.

The decision came down from the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, in Richmond, Virginia, with a vote of 10 to 3. Unsurprisingly the three justices who voted no are Republican appointees.

The ban was yet another a setback for the president who immediately tried to restrict travel for those from seven predominantly Muslim countries soon after taking office in January. The executive order was met with scores of protests throughout the nation and was ultimately struck down by courts as unconstitutional.

The president then submitted a less rigorous and revised ban which was struck down yet again. The Fourth Circuit on Thursday weighed in on that appeal.

Chief Judge Roger Gregory of the Fourth said the order was still the product of religious hostility, and violates the First Amendment which promises freedom of religion. In writing the majority opinion, he referenced Trump’s rhetoric on the campaign trail—which the administration has argued was made before he was president and should not be taken into consideration. …read more

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