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The Top 10 News Stories Of 2016

By Tonya Pendleton,


2016 is a year that will be memorable for many, but in all the wrong ways. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the first reality TV star and the first woman to win the nomination of their respective parties, clashed all year over just about everything. Still, given Trump’s racist rhetoric, the violence at his rallies and the women that came forward to accuse him of sexual harassment or assault, it was considered a given that 2016 would usher in the nation’s first female president.


Despite a valiant effort and the united support of outgoing First Couple Barack and Michelle Obama, not to mention the fact that Clinton won the popular vote by 2.8 million votes, Donald Trump is the nation’s 45th president. And that, more than anything else, solidified that the world had gone completely awry in 2016. There were a few bright spots…but not many.

Here are the top 10 news stories of 2016.

10. The opening of the Smithsonian African-American Museum Of History and Culture

If there was anything to look forward to this year, it was the opening of the NMAAHC in Washington, D.C. Our own Tom Joyner and his niece, who …read more

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Police Union Demands Amazon Pull ‘Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter’ Shirts For Sale

By NewsOne Staff

The largest police union in the United States has requested Amazon discontinue the sale of “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter” shirts they’ve deemed “offensive,” according to The Independent.

Fraternal Order of Police President Chuck Canterbury wrote an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos asking the online retailer to stop selling the “Bulletproof” shirt along with several other slogans (such as “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot”) specific to the Black Lives Matter movement, Reuters reports. FOP’s executive director James Pasco maintains the shirts promote “new assertiveness of some violence prone individuals to take action directly against police.”

Walmart ditches “Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter” T-shirt after police group complains

— Huffington Post (@HuffingtonPost) December 23, 2016

Neither Amazon nor leaders from Black Lives Matter have released official statements regarding the FOP’s request.

“Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter” shirts were already pulled from sale on Walmart’s website last week after the FOP lobbied for their removal. Walmart acquiesced and said some customers expressed similar concerns.

Glenn Morelli, owner of Connecticut-based merchandiser Old Glory––the third-party vendor selling the shirts through Walmart and Amazon––said in an interview with CNN he has already decided to remove …read more

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Versace Is Being Accused Of Using Code Word For Black Shoppers

By Kiyonna Anthony


Source: Getty / Getty

An ex-employee of a Versace retail store in the Bay area is calling out his former employers for extreme racist behavior.

According to the former staffer, Versace secretly alerts staffers when an African-American person enters the store. In the lawsuit filed by the man, it says that a manager told him about a store code called “D410,” which was used to casually let co-workers know a black person was present. Reportedly, that’s also the code for all black shirts in Versace stores.

The employee revealed that his manager was in complete shock after he responded, “You know that I’m African-American?” The lawsuit also states that following the employees confrontation with the manager, they refused to give him rest breaks, and fired him after just two weeks. The former employee, who’s suing for unpaid wages and damages, says he was told he was canned because he hadn’t “lived the luxury life.” However, Versace has already filed a request for dismissal of the suit.

Do you believe the ex-employee?

Source: TMZ

…read more

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How You Can Help Bring Justice For Jacqueline Craig

By Shaun King, Senior Justice Writer, NY Daily News


On last Thursday morning I told you about an awful case of police brutality in Fort Worth, Texas. A mother, Jacqueline Craig, who is black, called the police because a man in the neighborhood, who is white, choked her 7 year old son. Within a minute of the police arriving, the officer dismissed her claim, demeaned her, arrested her, and arrested her young daughter and niece as well.

Today, I want give you an update on the case and tell you how you can make a difference. Public pressure helps.

The Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald, after he had a chance to view the cell phone video of Jacqueline Craig being manhandled and arrested by police had this to say in a recent press conference:

“The officer was rude, but I can’t call it racism. There is a difference between rude and racist.”

The chief is right. Racism and rudeness are not one in the same, but if he expects me or anyone else to believe that what his officers said and did to Jacqueline Craig, her teenage daughter, and her teenage niece was not racist, then he needs a new definition of …read more

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President Obama Signs ‘Emmett Till Bill’ To Reopen Civil Rights Cold Cases

By Hello Beautiful Staff

Emmett Till

Source: Kieth Beauchamp / Till the Movie

In 1955, the death of Emmett Till, a 14-year-old African-American teenager who was lynched after allegedly flirting with a White woman in rural Mississippi, sparked controversy across America.

The two White men responsible for brutally murdering Till were let off by an all-White jury. The case brought attention to how racism is intertwined with America’s justice system. Sixty-one years after his death, Till’s horrific experience may carve a path for others hoping to find justice. According to PBS, President Obama recently signed a bill that would give the FBI the chance to reopen more cold cases from the Civil Rights Era.

The legislation, titled the Emmett Till Unsolved Civil Rights Crimes bill, was initially introduced by activist Alvin Sykes in 2005. He named the proposed bill after Till because he vowed to his mother, Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley, he would fight to reopen the case. The Department of Justice did reopen the case in 2004; it was closed three years later after a jury decided not to indict Carolyn Bryant, the woman who accused Till of whistling at her. Two years after the case was reopened, the FBI started to look into over 100 civil …read more

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Missouri Man Convicted Of Infecting Sex Partner With HIV To Get New Trial

By Nigel Roberts

The Missouri Court of Appeals overturned a trial court’s conviction of a college student accused of failing to disclose his HIV positive status to a sexual partner he infected, the Washington Post reports.

In its opinion released on Tuesday, the panel of judges chastised the prosecutor for making the trial unfair by failing to disclose a cellphone recording of the defendant until the first day of the trial. Consequently, the appeals court ordered a new trial.

The defendant, Michael L. Johnson, was a student wrestler at Lindenwood University, located in the St. Louis area, when he learned in January 2013 that he was HIV positive. Shortly after that, he had unprotected sex with another student, who testified that Johnson failed to disclose his status.

A few weeks after their sexual encounter, Johnson’s partner learned that he too was HIV positive. He reported Johnson to the police after discovering that Johnson continued to hookup with other people without disclosing his status.

A jury convicted Johnson on three felonies: recklessly infecting a sexual partner with HIV, recklessly exposing a partner to HIV and attempting to recklessly infect a partner with HIV–based on a statute that gay rights groups say are outdated. The judge sentenced …read more

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Michigan Still Failing To Deliver Clean Water To Some Flint Homes, Lawsuit Says

By Clarissa Hamlin

Several groups returned back to federal court Wednesday and pushed for Michigan state and city officials’ compliance with a judge’s order for delivering bottled water to certain households in Flint, reported the Detroit Free Press.

A federal judge ordered state and city defendants to deliver water to homes without a “properly installed and maintained” water filter in November, but the defendants have yet to comply with the order, writes the news outlet:

The state has said the delivery is too expensive, unnecessary, and counterproductive because it would decrease use of filtered tap water, which helps to cleanse the piping system. State officials said in a recent court filing that the order should be revoked because lead levels in the tap water in Flint now meets or exceeds federal safety guidelines. At the same time, state officials continue to tell Flint residents not to drink the tap water without a filter.

Anna Heaton, a spokeswoman for Gov. Rick Snyder, denied the state is dragging its feet. “We continue to work toward compliance with Judge Lawson’s order,” Heaton said Wednesday. “The state does not currently possess the network necessary to immediately provide bottled water delivery to each household.”

Heaton said teams of state workers …read more

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Mentoring Black Businesswomen To The Next Level

By Nigel Roberts

Black women are a dynamic force in the business environment. The U.S. Census Bureau reported that Black-owned companies grew more than 34 percent from 2007 to 2012, and Black women accounted for nearly 67 percent of that growth.

But starting a business is one thing, making it flourish is another, said Karen Taylor-Bass, a public relations and marketing expert.

Taylor-Bass, who has created and executed campaigns for celebrities and corporations, notes that Black women face a unique set of challenges. At the top of the list is a general lack of resources.

“Resources are not just money but also tools,” she told NewsOne. “Having the right resources enables business owners to get in front of decision makers and to know where to get what they need.”

Sandy Baker karen taylor-bass

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Source: WE-NYC / Karen Taylor-Bass

Many African-American businesswomen, she added, lack another key ingredient to success: mentors.

Taylor-Bass serves as a mentor through Women Entrepreneurs-New York Cit, also known as WE-NYC. The city’s Department of Small Business Services launched the initiative in 2015 to help women—specifically …read more

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District Of Columbia Mayor Taps California Educator For Schools Chancellor

By Nigel Roberts

Antwan Wilson, the superintendent of schools in Oakland, California, is the District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser‘s nominee for schools chancellor, reports The Washington Post.

The newspaper described Wilson as an outsider, which signals that Bowser wants a new approach to improving academic outcomes for the district’s students of color living in poor communities.

At the same time, though, he is also reform-minded, like former Chancellor Kaya Henderson, who announced her resignation in June, and Henderson’s predecessor Michelle Rhee. Bowser described Wilson as a “proven manager” and “education leader,” according to The Post.

The school district has focused much of its energy on male students of color. Toward that end, Wilson said he envisions an emphasis on social-emotional learning, summer programs and in-school tutoring.

Prior to heading Oakland’s school district, Wilson, 44, was a teacher and later an administrator in Denver, who focused on urban education. His leadership training includes the Broad Academy, an initiative for urban school superintendents.

He’s also a noted member of the school leadership organization Chiefs for Change, which promotes charter schools.

Oakland’s kids will continue to benefit from the legacy of Superintendent Antwan Wilson | via @edu_post

…read more

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Watch President Obama and Michelle Obama’s Last Christmas Address From the White House

By Hello Beautiful Staff

46th Annual Legislative Conference Of The Congressional Black Caucus - Day 4

Source: Earl Gibson III / Getty

President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama delivered their final Christmas address to the nation today and it’s all we can do to not burst into tears that they’re honestly, truly leaving office.

In the address, the first couple shared adorable moments, including a flashback to their first address (ah, memories!). Noting that he has enjoyed giving the addresses with his “best friend,” President Obama reflected on the last eight years, telling us, “The greatest gift that Michelle and I have received over the last eight years has been the honor of serving as your president and first lady.”

The president also spoke on the true meaning of Christmas, noting that his Christian faith has helped him tremendously over the last eight years.

“Tomorrow, for the final time as the First Family, we will join our fellow Christians around the world to rejoice in the birth of our Savior,” he said. “And as we retell His story from that Holy Night, we’ll also remember His eternal message, one of boundless love, compassion and hope.”

Check out the full address here:

…read more

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