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Police Investigating 7-Year-Old Being Punched By Schoolmate’s Parent At Charter School

By Kellee Terrell

Empty desks in classroom

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Washington, D.C., police are investigating a parent who was caught on surveillance cameras punching a 7-year-old in the stomach.

According to WLJA, the child’s mother, Lena Mclean, requested the video of the Spring Academy’s hallway after her 7-year-old son John told her he had been assaulted by a schoolmate’s parent. The punch caused the child to slump over after it was over.

I was in the hallway, the day was on Wednesday, and then somebody punched me in my stomach,” John said. “It made my stomach real painful.

The parent walked out the building afterwards.

Mclean later criticized school officials who she believes did nothing during and after the incident.

You watched my son on that ground and you didn’t do nothing … and all you could say to me is you was playing” said Lena.

You don’t bully a child, you don’t torment a child. I wouldn’t do that to you. I wouldn’t do that to none of your kids. I’ll feel much better when he is locked up,” she added.

A police report has been filed and they are currently investigating the incident. And on Friday, KIPP DC sent out a letter to parents, which said, “The …read more

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Another Woman Sues L’Oreal Over Relaxer, Says It Burned Off Her Hair

By Kellee Terrell

L’Oreal Getting Sued For Burning Delicia Taylor’s Head….NO-LYE!

— TheGoldenChile (@BrooklynCreme) October 26, 2016

A New York woman is suing L’Oreal claiming that one of their relaxers burned her head and left her bald.

According to TMZ, Delicia Taylor said that L’Oreal’s SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye Relaxer caused burns, blisters, scabs and bald spots on her scalp after using the product on her hair. She is now joining a current lawsuit against the company.

As Hello Beautiful previously reported, in September, two women filed a $5 million class action lawsuit against L’Oréal and its hair care brand SoftSheen-Carson claiming SoftSheen-Carson Optimum Amla Legend No-Mix, No-Lye causes hair loss and scalp burns. One key plaintiff, Dorothy Riles, who has been forced to wear a wig, claims the relaxer left her with bald patches, burns and scabs. The other, Sharon Manier, said that immediately after using the product, she experienced scalp irritation and, after washing it out, there was “significant” hair loss.

The lawsuit also states that consumers were tricked into using the line’s products because of celebrity endorsements from Cynthia Bailey, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Michelle Obama‘s hair …read more

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Racist Message Left On Campus Whiteboard Rocks Florida Gulf Coast University

By Charise Frazier

Students at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Meyers are reeling after “Kill N******,” along with an image of a stick figure hanging from a tree, was left on a campus whiteboard, WBBH reports.

“Kind of odd for someone to not only feel that judgment towards others but to feel it so strongly where they feel the need to display it in such a graphic and upsetting way,Olivia Cafiero, a freshman at the school, told WBBH.

According to university officials, the message appeared two weeks ago in Seidler Hall, home to the College of Arts and Sciences.

Police believe someone walked into the building––which allows public entry––to scrawl out the hateful message on October 12, the outlet writes. Campus authorities involved in an investigation say they have no leads, but rebuked the racial slur and image.

“While occurrences such as this are very rare at FGCU, we strongly condemn this hateful expression which is contrary to the civil and mutually respectful culture of our campus community,” the university wrote in a statement released to WBBH.

Certain students told the outlet that the message is particularly upsetting since the environment at FGCU promotes inclusivity.

“Really shocked. Like I wasn’t …read more

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Campaign Roundup: Black Activists, Michelle Obama Support Hillary


FILE - In this Dec. 11, 2015 file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks to Lesley McSpadden, right, the mother of Michael Brown, while working the rope line during a campaign stop at a union hall in St. Louis. Brown was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer in Aug. 2014 setting off the Black Lives Matter movement. African-American voters are seen as key to Clinton's path to victory in November. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)


PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Six months into Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, she met with a group of Black Lives Matter activists in Washington to make her case and seek their support.

DeRay Mckesson left disappointed, feeling Clinton lacked a grasp of the issues he had spent the previous year protesting in cities like Ferguson, Missouri, and Baltimore, including police brutality and income inequality. He came out of the October 2015 meeting unwilling to support her publicly.

On Wednesday, though, The Washington Post published an op-ed by Mckesson announcing his plans to vote for her after meeting again with her last week in Cleveland. He said he heard a candidate well-versed in the things that matter to him.

“There was no platform the first time,” the 31-year-old Mckesson said in a telephone interview. “There is a platform now. I reflected on the things I’ve heard her say, commit to and seen in writing, and that’s how I came to my decision.”

A growing number of black millennials who were initially skeptical of Clinton — questioning her commitment to end mass incarceration, confront racial bias in policing and repudiate her husband’s tough policies on welfare and crime during the 1990s — …read more

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#VotingWhileBlack: Color Of Change Launches Black Voter Digital Outreach Initiative

By NewsOne Now

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The Color of Change PAC has launched a program to mobilize Black voters beyond just getting high voter turnout.

The groundbreaking initiative, aptly titled Voting While Black, engages voters using digital communications to arm them with information as they go to the polls.

According to a #VotingWhileBlack article published on,In the span of a few weeks Color Of Change PAC has been mobilizing across the country, hosting Text-a-thons in New York City, DC, Houston, Miami, Oakland, Durham, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. Text-a-thon volunteers sent more than 715,000 texts to eligible Black voters. This past weekend alone we held events in DC, NYC and Oakland where 237 volunteers contact 237,819 texts to Black voters in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Ohio, encouraging them to get out to vote.”

The initiative will not just encompass candidates running for election on November 8th, the Color of Change PAC intends on holding elected politicians accountable once they are in office.

Rashad Robinson, Executive Director for the Color of Change, spoke about the #VotingWhileBlack initiative during Thursday morning’s edition of NewsOne Now.

Robinson explained #VotingWhileBlack has built out a technology platform …read more

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Man Grows Cotton In Harlem To Teach Kids About Slavery

By Angela Bronner Helm

The name of the 1970 Ossie Davis-directed Blaxploitation film, Cotton Comes To Harlem, has taken on a new twist in 2016.

Willie Morgan, who hails from Georgia, grows actual cotton in Harlem to teach children in his neighborhood about slavery. Cotton, of course, was the cash crop that allowed the United States to flourish in capitalism during the 19th century. The free labor of enslaved people allowed the country’s economy to grow by leaps and bounds.

“I tell the kids … that the jeans they’re wearing come from cotton. They don’t know anything about it,” he said in a recent interview with the Independent. “I give them the cotton and they can take it into their classes.”

Morgan began planting his cotton plants in 2005, and they now sit right at an iconic Harlem statue of Harriet Tubman at the junction of 122nd Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard.

“This is what slavery was about. They did not have machines. They needed people to pick it…[That way] they know about the cotton, they know what their forefathers did,” he said.

Morgan plants the seeds in June, and harvests them in September and October. He …read more

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‘Affirmative Action Bake Sale’ Sparks Outrage At The University Of Texas

By Sukii

So, this happened…

A University of Texas chapter of The Young Conservatives hosted an “Affirmative Action Bake Sale” on the Austin campus and asked that students buy cookies and discuss Affirmative Action as a policy. Taking it a step further, they listed sale prices according to race and gender:

Asian male $1.50

Asian female $1.25

White male $1.00

White female $.75

African American male $.50

African American female $.25

Hispanic male $.50

Hispanic female $.25

Native American FREE

For obvious reasons, many students didn’t take too kindly to the racially fueled bake sale and began protesting. When the protest ended, some students even yelled “Check your privilege!” and more at The Young Conservatives group.

See footage above – it got really real.


…read more

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Virginia Pastor And Wife Accused Of Stealing $1 Million From Congregation



Terry Wayne Millender, senior pastor of Victorious Life Church in Alexandria, Va., and his wife were indicted by a grand jury on charges of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money-laundering conspiracy. The pastor, his wife and their friend are all being accused of defrauding their congregation out of more than $1 million, Fox5DC reports.

According to the report, charges for Terry, 52, his wife Brenda Millender, 56, and Grenetta Wells, who is affiliated with the church, were unsealed Monday after Wells was arrested, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

Charges stem from a company the trio operated called Micro-Enterprise Management Group (MEMG), which allegedly helped poor people in developing countries through the provision of small, short-term loans to start or build up existing businesses by working with a network of established microfinance groups, per Fox5DC. The company was a scam which they used to convince congregations to invest.

Authorities say that the trio underlined their business’ Christian mission and promised guaranteed rates of return. Some investors gave sums ranging from $40,000 to $400,000. However, instead of using the money for its intended mission, the Millenders and Wells invested in risky trading on the foreign-exchange market and funded the Millenders lavish lifestyle. …read more

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Chicago Man Dons Meter Reader Disguise To Murder Romantic Rival

By Charise Frazier


One scorned lover went to great lengths to seek deadly revenge, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Willie Bell, a 44-year-old Chicago man, is accused of murdering his romantic rival, Timothy Lawrence by dressing as a meter reader to gain access to his home.

According to the prosecutors’ harrowing account, Bell shot Lawrence in the head, then set his home on fire on September 12, the Tribune reports. Bell was charged with first-degree murder and concealment of a homicide, according to the outlet.

Bell was allegedly upset after he found out he and Lawrence were dating the same woman, resulting in a fit of rage. Prosecutors point to a series of Facebook posts in which Bell showed discontent over his ex-girlfriend’s new relationship.

Footage obtained from a local Home Depot on September 5 shows Bell purchasing a construction worker’s vest and helmet, according to the Tribune.

A week later, on September 12 around 11 a.m., Bell is captured on video wearing the same vest and helmet as he knocks at Lawrence’s front door.

Around noon, Bell exits the property wearing a shirt that says, “I’m that dude.” Bell returns nearly a half an hour later with an unnamed person, carrying two gas cans. …read more

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Black Workers See Fastest Wage Growth In More Than 15 Years

By NewsOne Now

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The U.S. Labor Department found weekly earnings rose by nearly 10 percent for full-time Black workers in the third quarter of this year—the fastest growth rate in nearly two decades.

The increase in earnings since the recession ended in mid-2009 for African-Americans is 15.7 percent. Latinos are next in line with 15.5 percent and Whites are a little more than 13 percent.

The report points out the bulk of the improvement for African-Americans and Latinos happened in the past two years.

William Spriggs, Chief Economist at the AFL-CIO, joined Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, to discuss the good economic news.

Spriggs called the Great Recession experienced by America the Great Depression 2.0 and said, “We’re climbing out of it—We’ve had record months of straight growth in jobs and now it’s finally starting to show up in wages of African-Americans.”

Institutional racism, in part, is the reason it took so long for African-Americans to net gains from the nation’s economic recovery, the economist notes.

“African-Americans are always sort of the last ones to get in on the party and so the last two years, you’re seeing it …read more

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