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Ex-Police Officer In California Charged With Raping Five Women While On Duty

By Kellee Terrell

Ex-cop accused of sexually assaulting women was “valued member” of patrol beat @SanMateoPD.

— NBC Bay Area (@nbcbayarea) July 22, 2016

A former San Mateo, California police officer was recently arrested and charged with sexually assaulting five women while he was on duty.

According to NBC Bay Area News, Noah White Winchester was charged with 22 counts, which included kidnapping with intent to commit rape, rape, sexual penetration and oral copulation under color of authority, sexual battery, criminal threats, and forcible sex offenses. It’s believed that these alleged crimes took place between July 2, 2013 and Oct. 19, 2015, San Mateo County District Attorney Steve Wagstaffe told the news outlet.

Wagstaffe said that the reason that Winchester hadn’t been arrested earlier was because his alleged victims didn’t come forward until the end 2015. But now that they did, Winchester is being held on $3.1 million bail and is expected to be arraigned next week, NBC noted. He currently has no legal representation.

“We are horrified by the news of the recent arrest of this former San Mateo and Los Rios Community College District Police Officer, and want to assure our …read more

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Special Prosecutor To Help In Minnesota Police Killing Case

By AMY FORLITI, Associated Press

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A Minnesota prosecutor said Friday that he won’t step aside but will add a special prosecutor to his team while deciding whether to charge a police officer in the fatal shooting of a black motorist whose girlfriend recorded the immediate aftermath of the shooting in a live video on Facebook.

Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said he was elected to uphold the law and intends to do so when investigating the July 6 death of Philando Castile. But he said he will “incorporate” a special prosecutor into his team to enhance trust in the results.

Choi named former U.S. Department of Justice attorney Don Lewis, who is black, to that role. The former law school dean also helped investigate allegations of excessive force in the arrest of a black community activist in 2014 in Minneapolis. In that case, Lewis wrote that the officers were justified in the way they handled the arrest.

“This independent perspective can only enhance the integrity and legitimacy of our decision in this case,” Choi said. “This is ultimately what justice requires.”

An attorney for the Castile family did not immediately respond to an email seeking comment.

Castile, 32, was fatally shot during a traffic stop …read more

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Black Lives Matter Condemns Arrest Of Man Filming Police

By Associated Press

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — Black Lives Matter activists in New York are protesting the arrest of an anti-violence advocate who was taken into custody while making a video of two officers frisking a handcuffed motorist.

Maurice Crawley was standing across the street from a traffic stop in Syracuse, streaming the video live on his Facebook page Thursday when one of the officers shouted that if he said “one word,” he’d be arrested.

When Crawley asked the officer to repeat himself, the officer strode across the street and placed him under arrest while swearing at him.

The 52-year-old activist was still jailed Friday morning on charges of obstructing governmental administration and resisting arrest.

Police say they’re investigating.

A protest outside the jail is scheduled for Friday.

Crawley, the officer and the motorist are all black.

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Officer Says Prosecutors Silenced Him In Sandra Bland Case

By NOMAAN MERCHANT, Associated Press

DALLAS (AP) — A police officer in the small Texas town where Sandra Bland was pulled over and jailed says the county’s top prosecutors threatened to end his career if he came forward with what he says is evidence of wrongdoing, an accusation the prosecutors deny.

Among the things Prairie View officer Michael Kelley said this week that he wanted to tell a grand jury: Bland appeared to have marks on her forehead after a confrontation with state trooper Brian Encinia, who pulled her over last July for allegedly failing to signal while changing a lane; Encinia was on the phone with a supervisor after arresting her because he didn’t know what charge she should face; and the police report Encinia ultimately submitted left out key details.

Kelley said he was never contacted by special prosecutors handling the case, and the Waller County district attorney’s top assistant said there would be repercussions if he spoke to a Bland family attorney. Prosecutors have strongly denied Kelley’s allegations.

Bland, who was black, was found dead three days after the traffic stop in a county jail cell; authorities ruled it a suicide. But her death galvanized the national Black Lives Matter movement and others protesting recent …read more

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Tennessee Waitress Schooled After Racist Snapchat Post

By Charise Frazier

A Tennessee woman seriously shut down her server on Facebook after the waitress posted a racist message on Snapchat.

According to The New York Daily News, 22-year-old Chelsea Mays and four of her choir friends visited Cheddar’s restaurant in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, after a church service this past Sunday.

TWO-FACED RACIST: Cheddar’s server smiled at diners, then call them the N-word on Snapchat

— New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) July 28, 2016

To her knowledge, the group enjoyed their meal, laughing with the waitress who was – get this – a friend of one of the girls at the table.

Everything was gravy. It wasn’t until later in the day when one of her friends sent out an alarming Snapchat: the waitress’ selfie with the words, “I’m so hungover and have a section full of n—-rs right now,” captioned at the bottom.

Mays quickly logged onto Facebook to file her response:

“Yesterday this photo of a Murfreesboro Cheddars employee started circulating on social media. Being as though I was lucky enough to be one of the ‘n—-rs’ she speaks of, I feel it’s only necessary to give my view!” she began.

“You never truly know the …read more

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Unemployed Journalist That Discovered Melania Trump’s Plagiarism Landed A Job

By Keyaira Kelly

Jarrett Hill Discovers Melania Trump Plagiarism

Journalist Jarrett Hill is having a really good week.

The unemployed reporter, who first tweeted about Melania Trump’s plagiarized RNC speech, has now landed a freelance gig covering the Democratic National Convention.

We previously reported that Hill was laid off from his job at ABC just a year ago, but now he’s back in demand after breaking the political story of the year.

The 31-year-old was hired as a special correspondent for the progressive news website Blue Nation Review, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

His life changed with just one tweet.

“I definitely love what they’re doing,” he told THR about his new gig at Blue Nation Review. “And they believed in me. We are here covering the DNC, talking to people about their convention experience, about America, why they are Democrats, and what moves them about the party.”

It was a surreal moment for Hill, who sat at the DNC in Philadelphia, watching Michelle Obama speak in person.

He said: “Michelle’s speech eight years ago is what got me this attention. Almost a week ago to the minute of tweeting that, I was sitting in this room, watching her come out and address the nation. It’s remarkable, and was a full circle …read more

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Tamir Rice’s Mom Reveals Why She Wasn’t Apart Of #MothersOfTheMovement At DNC


A recent interview with Fusion may offer some insight as to why Samaria Rice was not among the eight African American women representing Mothers of the Movement on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

Rice, whose 12-year-old son Tamir Rice was shot and killed by a Cleveland police officer in a city park in 2014, appears to have soured on all politics, including both presidential nominees as well as the current White House occupant.


Oh, she has opinions about politics. She thinks [Donald] Trump “needs some help” and doesn’t give a damn about black people or correcting the system that let the officer who killed Tamir walk away with no charges filed.

But when she was asked to endorse Hillary Clinton, she said, she declined. (Clinton’s campaign says it did not ask.) She despises that this is the kind of decision that comes with being a black American mother whose child has been killed by a cop.

Clinton has called for expanded use of police body cameras and for national standards on use of force by the police. Trump has seldom addressed the issue but said recently that there could be problems with police training.

But Samaria said no candidate is “speaking my language …read more

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Michigan Woman Fired After Calling FLOTUS ‘Ugly, Black B**ch’



A woman named Lisa Greenwood who thought First Lady Michelle Obama‘s night historic speech Monday night at the DNC was something to use as fodder for her own effed up racist ideology. Oops. She found out the hard way that she was wrong.

A Facebook user took a screenshot and connected the “@millar15” Twitter account to a Facebook account belonging to Greenwood. That discovery revealed that Greenwood was a mortgage loan officer at Michigan-based Home Point Financial.

Another Facebook user named Michael Hicks posted the images and noted in his caption: “look at her job title,” “think of all the sh*tty things she’s done to other ‘black b*tches’ she’s encountered in her work.”

Uh oh. That’s when social media and Black Twitter got busy. Hicks’ post was shared more than 8,800 times.

Eventually things came to head when High Point Financial took note of the tweet and announced Tuesday afternoon, via Facebook, that Greenwood had been fired.

See Below for Full Statement:

— Home Point Financial (@HomePointLoans) July 26, 2016

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(Photo Source: Home Point Loans Twitter)

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Police Protest Black Lives Matter Banner At City Hall

By Associated Press

SOMERVILLE, Mass. (AP) — Police in Massachusetts are protesting a mayor’s refusal to remove a Black Lives Matter banner that’s hanging over city hall.

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone has declined repeated requests by the city police officers’ union to replace the banner with one that reads “All Lives Matter.” The banner has been up for nearly a year.

Union president Michael McGrath says the union supports the “core goal” of the Black Lives Matter movement, but believes the current banner sends an “exclusionary message” and is “disrespectful” to officers. He says union members and other officers from around the state will hold a rally Thursday evening.

The Democratic mayor says standing up for black residents and supporting police aren’t mutually exclusive. He notes the city also honors officers recently slain in Texas and Louisiana with a banner over police headquarters.

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(Photo/Video Source: WBZ 4)

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Bill O’Reilly Says Slaves Who Built White House Were ‘Well-Fed’

By Charise Frazier

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly is either a master at trolling us, or didn’t have time to pick up a history book.

On Monday night during Michelle Obama’s moving DNC speech, she referenced her emotional reaction from watching her children live and play in a home that was built by slaves — a powerful moment that brought many watching to tears.

“I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves,” Mrs. Obama said in her keynote address. “I watch my daughters — two beautiful, intelligent, black young women — playing with their dogs on the White House lawn.”

On Tuesday, O’Reilly responded during his show, The O’Reilly Factor, playing the role of fact-checker to “school” us on what really went down.

“Slaves that worked there were well-fed and had decent lodgings provided by the government, which stopped hiring slave labor in 1802. However, the feds did not forbid subcontractors from using slave labor. So, Michelle Obama is essentially correct in citing slaves as builders of the White House, but there were others working as well. Got it all? There will be a quiz,” the political commentator said.

When did he get his PhD in African-American …read more

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