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Three Black Students In Albany Report Being Attacked By Nearly A Dozen Whites On City Bus

By Kellee Terrell

Three Black female students from SUNY University of Albany claim they were racially harassed and physically assaulted by nearly a dozen white male and female students on a local bus early Saturday morning, News 10 ABC reported.

The three students told the police that they were sitting in the back of the CDTA bus when they got into a verbal argument with 10-14 white students sitting in front of them. As the argument got heated, the white students allegedly called the Black women racial slurs and then a physical fight broke out.

According to the young Black women, they defended themselves as the white students began punching and kicking them. One of the women said that even falling on the floor, didn’t stop several white male passengers from repeatedly kicking her. After getting off at their stop on campus, the women immediately went to Albany Medical Center to have their multiple injuries, including a possible concussion, lacerations and scratches, looked at, The Albany Times Union reported.

One of the women, Asha Burwell, a junior from Long Island, took to Twitter to describe what happened:

I just got jumped on a bus while people hit us and called us …read more

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Justice Served: D.C. Bartender Wins $687,000 In Racial Discrimination Case

By Kellee Terrell

This week, a jury found that Briggitta Hardin, a twenty-something Howard graduate, had been discriminated against by her former employer Red Line DC, LLC. As a result, she was awarded a whopping $687,000 in damages with the jury citing her civil rights had been violated.

Hardin, who worked as a bartender at the upscale Washington D.C. sports bar Redline, was fired a mere one hour after meeting the bar’s owner Mick Dadlani, who she says refused to shake her hand or even speak to her, the Washington Post wrote.

Eight former and current employees testified in court, with some saying under oath that they noticed a lack of Black bartenders working at the Redline and heard Dadlani say that he preferred “hot blonde white chicks” behind the bar.

However, these racial attitudes were not only seen as aggressions toward Black staff and applicants, but toward patrons as well. One person testified that in 2011, Dadlani had closed Redline down early because a “group of customers [were] dressed in baggy clothing or who had a “ganglike” appearance,” The Post reported. There were also accusations that bouncers would racially profile potential Black patrons at the door, pretending to have a guest list for …read more

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Mother Arrested After Knocking Assistant Principal Unconscious At Meeting [WATCH]

By Krystal Franklin,

Virginia police arrested Tracy Lawrence after she reportedly punched an assistant principal, knocking the woman unconscious, during a meeting at her child’s school.

ABC 13 reports:

Just before 2:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, the school resource officer for Lakeview Elementary School received a telephone call about a disorderly parent in the main office.

The school resource officer immediately responded to the school but the parent had already left the location.

After speaking with witnesses, the school resource officer determined that the parent came to the school to speak to an assistant principal about a matter involving her child. After being unsatisfied with the administrator’s final decision on the matter, the parent stood up and hit the administrator in the head, causing her to briefly lose consciousness.

The parent then became disorderly, shouting and drawing attention to herself, before leaving the school.

No children witnessed the physical altercation with the administrator or the parent’s behavior in the main office.

After obtaining the parent’s information, the school resource officer located her at her home and took her into custody without incident.

The parent has been identified as 43-year-old Tracy Lawrence of Portsmouth. She has been charged with assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

She is currently being held at the …read more

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Chicago Police Accused Of Destroying Dash Cams, Hiding Mics To Block Footage & Audio

By Lynette Holloway

A damning new report accuses Chicago police of destroying dash cams in an effort to block audio during certain encounters with residents, according to DNAInfo Chicago.

The news outlet reviewed more than 1,800 police maintenance logs, which shed light on the lack of sound in department videos of crime scenes, including the high-profile shooting death of unarmed Black teen Laquan McDonald.

The report notes that police officials last month blamed the unavailability of audio in 80 percent of dash cam videos on officer error and “intentional destruction.”

Reports DNAInfo Chicago:

Maintenance records of the squad car used by Jason Van Dyke, who shot and killed Laquan McDonald, and his partner, Joseph Walsh, show monthslong delays for two dashcam repairs, including a long wait to fix “intentional damage.”

On June 17, 2014, police technicians reported fixing a dashcam wiring issue in police vehicle No. 6412, the squad shared by Van Dyke and Walsh, about three months after it was reported broken, records show.

A day later, the same vehicle’s dashcam system was reported busted again. It took until Oct. 8, 2014, to complete repairs of what technicians deemed “intentional damage,” according to reports.

Twelve days after the technicians’ findings, dash cam video recorded from the same squad car …read more

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Clinton’s Firewall? Black Voters The Key in South Carolina

By BILL BARROW, Associated Press

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — At Hillary Clinton‘s South Carolina headquarters, a young staffer readies a stack of pictures showing the former secretary of state with her old boss, President Barack Obama. Then the staffer bolts out the door.

His destination: African-American businesses across South Carolina’s largest city.

“If you don’t have tape, I’ll bring some to you,” Brandon Lewis offers to business owner Catherine Kelly, who has said she’ll hang the photo in her Columbia beauty shop.

“I’ve already got a picture of Obama,” Kelly tells him, expressing pride in the nation’s first black president. She assures him: “We’re with Hillary.”

Black voters represent a solid majority of the Democratic electorate in South Carolina — and could make all the difference in the state’s Feb. 27 primary. A new NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Marist poll shows Clinton with 64 percent of South Carolina’s likely Democratic votes, while her rival, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, has 27 percent. Clinton leads in all demographics, but her 74-17 advantage among South Carolina’s black voters explains her overall 37-point margin.

Sanders isn’t conceding. Across town, teams of his staffers are going door-to-door in predominantly black neighborhoods. The senator has visited college campuses with mostly African-American student bodies. African-American radio stations are …read more

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Georgia HBCU Students, Alumni Rally Around STEM Professor

By Staff

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) majors are among the most coveted college graduates due to the explosion of technology in the last two decades. So it seems hard to believe that a professor of Computer Science would be fighting for her job, especially at an HBCU.

But that is the case at Fort Valley State University a historically Black college in Georgia. Dr. Cheryl A. Swanier has been told that her position has been eliminated after eight years, likely because the school is trying to save money.

“She was very helpful. She gave us a lot of real-world advice,” Jasmine Bowers, a former FVSU student who is now earning a doctorate at the University of Florida, told “She was not a very easy teacher. She required a lot from us as students but that helped us in the long run.”

The school’s chancellor, Hank M. Huckaby, who also oversees the Board of Regents of The University System Of Gerogia, has been petitioned by students and alumni to find a way to keep Swanier at the school.

A university attorney says that all the normal procedures were followed in not renewing Swanier’s contract at the school and that she was given sufficient notice …read more

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26-Year-Old Woman Killed After Road Rage Incident

By Krystal Franklin,

A 26-year-old Texas woman is dead after an alleged road rage incident. reports:

Arlington police are looking for a man who fatally shot a 26-year-old Fort Worth woman during a suspected road-rage incident Wednesday evening.

Brittany Daniel was shot between 6:45 and 7 p.m. while she was driving east on Interstate 30 between Cooper and Center streets. She was pronounced dead about 7:30 p.m. at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

A passenger who called police reported that a man who was riding in the back of a car opened fire on her friend and described the incident as road rage.

Specifics about what led to the shooting were not provided. A detailed description of the gunman was not available, and the only information about the car he was in was that it was a small four-door vehicle with tinted windows.

Anyone with information about the case may call Detective Steve Griesbach at 817-459-5325. Callers also can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward by contacting Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-TIPS.

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(Photo Source: Brittany Daniel Facebook)

…read more

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Former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick Weighs In On Flint Water Crisis


The former Mayor of Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick spoke out from prison on the Flint, Michigan water issue. He made his comments in a letter posted by local news station WKYZ. The larger question is if there was actual knowledge this water was contaminated before distribution began as his letter seems to insinuate, who will black America demand to be punished?

From Kilpatrick:

FYI Just so you all know. We (The Detroit Water and Sewage Department) were talking about the problems of the Flint Water Department (financial management, ability to perform, cleanliness of water, elimination of contaminants, mercury levels, lead levels) back in 2004. We knew (our folks in Detroit, SEMCOG, Genesee County Officials, some members of the State Legislature, and the Governor at that time) new that there were significant issues with all of those items.

In 2006 we attempted to craft a deal to put them on our water system. We were in negotiations, led by Victor Mercado, for months, and I wanted to make it work. I attended one meeting, and was on a conference call for another, expressing my willingness to make this work. SEMCOG and Judge Fiekens was also aware of this. SEMCOG was against …read more

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Widower Converts Mississippi Home Into Loving Tribute To 59 Years Of Marriage

By D.L. Chandler

A Starkville, Mississippi man, known for his open display of love for his late wife, has converted their home into a virtual museum of love.

Charles “LaLa” Evans and his wife Louise enjoyed nearly 59 years of marriage before she passed away in 2011.

As reported by the Huffington Post, Evans had designs on creating a space to house the photographs from his years with Louise but was slightly delayed by her death. Just two months after she passed away, Evans poured his heart into showcasing the devotion he continues to have for his high school sweetheart.

The Huffington Post writes:

After hanging up over 1,000 photos and displaying videos of happy times through the house, Evans named the museum “LaLa and Louise Land.”

The touching tribute became popular in Evans’ native Starkville, Mississippi where he is well-known by locals after serving for 30 years as one of the first black mailmen and then as a shuttle bus driver for Mississippi State University.

Even the rock band Mutemath came to know of Evans. Members were so moved by the tribute they wanted to share the love story of LaLa and Louise in their music. Their latest music video, aptly titled “Monument,” was filmed in …read more

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UPDATE: Prayers, Blood Drive For Officer Wounded In New Orleans

By REBECCA SANTANA, Associated Press CAIN BURDEAU, Associated Press

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Friends and family of a Louisiana sheriff’s deputy critically wounded in New Orleans while serving a warrant were praying for him as well-wishers rushed to give blood to help in his recovery.

Stephen Arnold was still in the intensive care unit at a New Orleans hospital after losing a lot of blood and doctors would be monitoring him closely over the next few days “…to make sure there’s nothing wrong with his brain,” Debbie Webber, a spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Administration in New Orleans, said late Tuesday.

“We just hope he wakes up,” Webber said.

Arnold was shot five times, including once in the neck, while taking part in a task force serving a warrant in New Orleans.

The man suspected in the shooting, identified by New Orleans police as Jarvis Hardy, was in FBI custody.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand, where Arnold worked, said it will be 48 hours before it’s clear whether the deputy has neurological damage. Local news outlets said blood centers would remain open Wednesday because the response was so great.

The police said Hardy was arrested on charges of attempted first degree murder and narcotics violations, and was being held by the FBI. The FBI did …read more

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