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[WATCH] College Basketball Player Drowns In Indiana Reservoir

By Associated Press

CICERO, Ind. (AP) — A University of Indianapolis basketball player drowned after he fell into an Indiana reservoir without a lifejacket, investigators said Friday.

A dive team found the body of 22-year-old senior Dai-Jon Parker around 6 p.m. Thursday at the bottom of Morse Reservoir, north of Indianapolis, according to Sgt. Blaine R. Gillan of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The agency confirmed Parker’s identity on Friday.

Witnesses who were with Parker told investigators that he and another man were being pulled on an inner tube behind a pontoon boat when Parker fell off after hitting a large wave. The witnesses said they didn’t see him resurface.

“The entire University of Indianapolis community mourns the loss of Dai-Jon Parker, a senior student-athlete with a vibrant personality who had a great future ahead,” the school said in a statement issued Friday. “This is a tragic situation for everyone involved.”

The incident occurred just after 3:30 p.m. Thursday. Rescue crews who combed the reservoir for more than two hours located Parker’s body with a sonar device under about 11 feet under water.

Investigators said they are looking into whether alcohol was a factor in the accident. No charges have been filed.

Parker, of Lawrenceville, Georgia, spent three …read more

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Request For Probe of Handling of Ferguson Case Back in Court

By JIM SUHR, Associated Press

CLAYTON, Mo. (AP) — A St. Louis County judge is set to resume hearing arguments in a lawsuit seeking an independent probe of the county prosecutor’s handling of grand jury proceedings in the Ferguson police shooting of Michael Brown.

Judge Joseph Walsh III will continue hearing the case Friday after suspending proceedings last month while giving strong indications that he may toss the lawsuit.

The activists who filed the lawsuit want Walsh to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate county prosecutor Robert McCulloch’s handling of the Brown case.

They say the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, who was a white Ferguson officer, in the fatal shooting of Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, was inappropriately influenced by McCulloch’s desire for Wilson not to face charges.

A Justice Department investigation also cleared Wilson.

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(Photo Source: AP)

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California Police Knock Pregnant Black Woman To The Ground [VIDEO]

By Sonya Eskridge

The American Civil Liberties Union has released an appalling video of California police confronting a pregnant Black woman.

Mandated body cameras captured officers in Barstow, California, slamming a woman named Charlena Michelle Cooks during a January incident where they were called to her daughter’s school.

Cooks, who was eight months pregnant at the time, was approached by police after speaking with school staff member following a “petty” argument in the parking lot. The staffer said that Cooks had been acting “crazy,” but the officer in the video cold be heard stating that he didn’t “see a crime that has been committed.” reports that while the cop didn’t ask for the employee’s name or identification, he did assure her that a police report on the incident would be filed. He then approached Cooks, who told him that the woman had scared her daughter, who was in the second grade.

“She called the police for whatever reason, I don’t know,” Cooks could be heard saying in the video. “Should I feel threatened by her because she’s white? Because she’s white and she’s making threats to me?”

When asked for her name and ID, she refuses to provide them …read more

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The Best Black Dating Apps Are…

By NewsOne Now

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Technology has changed the dating game.

Years ago you would just “holla” at someone that you were interested in spending some time with — today you can cycle through a list of potential male or female suitors with the swipe of a finger on your phone.

There are a bevy of apps in our iOS and Android app stores that put the world of dating in the palm of your hand, which leads to the question — what are the best Black dating apps?

To answer that question, sexpert Michelle Hope has compiled a list of the best dating apps for African Americans. She joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to highlight the dating apps you should use for your next rendezvous.

The Best Black Dating Apps:

Soul Swipe – SoulSwipe finds black locals to match, chat and meet with by simply swiping left and right. SoulSwipe is a revolutionary way to meet other black people around you. It’s the hottest and most innovative black dating app on the market right now. Join the black community you’ve been waiting for and start swiping with soul.

Meld – MELD is a …read more

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Photo Shows Chicago Cops Posing Over Black Man With Antlers

By Associated Press

CHICAGO (AP) — A former Chicago police detective is suing to get his job back after being fired for posing in a photograph with another officer holding rifles over an unidentified black man lying on a floor and wearing deer antlers.

The photograph, which is believed to have been taken between 1999 and 2003, recently was made public after detective Timothy McDermott filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court seeking to rejoin the Chicago Police Department. The photo was discovered during an FBI investigation into police wrongdoing.

The Chicago Police Board fired McDermott in October, after finding him guilty of bringing discredit on the department by taking part in the photo, disrespecting or maltreating a person on or off duty, and unlawful or unnecessary use or display of a weapon.

McDermott’s lawyer, Dan Herbert, said Wednesday the photograph doesn’t tell the entire story. He added there’s no evidence the black man was in custody and questioned whether the photo was taken against the man’s will.

McDermott posed with Officer Jerome Finnigan, who is serving a 12-year prison sentence for corruption. Both McDermott and Finnigan are white.

The FBI uncovered the photo during its investigation of Finnigan, who was convicted in 2011 of leading a …read more

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17-Year-Old Recovering After Friend Shoots Him in the Head [Watch]


Despite facing an uphill battle after being shot in the head, Turan Caudle is overcoming odds with a miraculous recovery.

NBC Washington reports the shooting occurred in January after the 17-year-old and his friend, Delano Dunmore, got into an argument over a video game in Dunmore’s home in Maryland. After shooting Caudle, the 16-year-old allegedly turned the gun on himself. Although both were sustained injuries, Caudle and Dunmore survived.

For Caudle, doctors ended up removing half of his skull after the shooting. They later told Caudle’s mother Sherita, that her son might not make it through the night.

never could imagine that could happen with them just playing a video game,” Sherita Caudle told NBC Washington, which noted that Turan was not expected to walk or talk if he did survive the shooting.

Fortunately, Turan isn’t ready to call it quits as he continues to improve. The teen’s journey to recovery includes relearning basic skills like walking and talking. Aiding in Turan’s recovery is his mother, who takes him to a Baltimore rehabilitation center every day.
As for Dunmore, he currently faces assault charges for the incident. Dunmore originally faced charges of murder, but ended up with assault charges in light of Turan surviving the …read more

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Baltimore Residents Fearful Amid Rash of Homicides

By JULIET LINDERMAN, Associated Press

BALTIMORE (AP) — Antoinette Perrine has barricaded her front door since her brother was killed three weeks ago on a basketball court near her home in the Harlem Park neighborhood of West Baltimore. She already has iron bars outside her windows and added metal slabs on the inside to deflect the gunfire.

“I’m afraid to go outside,” said Perrine, 47. “It’s so bad, people are afraid to let their kids outside. People wake up with shots through their windows. Police used to sit on every corner, on the top of the block. These days? They’re nowhere.”

Perrine’s brother is one of 36 people killed in Baltimore so far this month, already the highest homicide count for May since 1999. But while homicides are spiking, arrests have plunged more than 50 percent compared to last year.

The drop in arrests followed the death of Freddie Gray from injuries he suffered in police custody. Gray’s death sparked protests against the police and some rioting, and led to the indictment of six officers.

Now West Baltimore residents worry they’ve been abandoned by the officers they once accused of harassing them. In recent weeks, some neighborhoods have become like the Wild West without a lawman around, residents …read more

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Georgia Man Pleads Guilty To Seeking To Join Islamic State

By RUSS BYNUM, Associated Press

AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) — Leon Nathan Davis had a family and a sales job — and says he left them behind last fall with a one-way ticket overseas and a plan to join the Islamic State group.

The 37-year-old Augusta, Georgia, man pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court to a charge of attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization. Davis faces up to 15 years in federal prison and a fine of up to $250,000 when a judge sentences him at a later date.

During his 30-minute plea hearing, Davis told a judge he bought a one-way ticket to fly from Atlanta to Turkey last October.

“I was to be smuggled into Syria and at that point in time join ISIS,” said Davis, a stocky, pale man with a shaved head.

What isn’t clear is why. Davis never spoke about his motivations in court, and the judge never asked about them. But Davis did mention that he married within the past two years and has a stepdaughter. Before his arrest Oct. 24 while checking in for his flight at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Davis said, he worked as a salesman for a company that sells mail-order medical supplements.

Davis’ defense attorney, Michael …read more

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Father Of Maryland Toddler Found Dead In Swing Says Mother “Wasn’t Fit” To Take Care Of Son

By Christina Coleman

The father of a toddler who was found dead while in the custody of his mother, who had been pushing him in a swing for hours, is speaking out about the 3-year-old’s death.

James Lee says the mother of Ji’Aire Lee was “not fit” to take care” of their son, MyFoxDC reports.“I’m not saying she is an unfit parent, but at this particular time, she wasn’t fit to take care of our son,” Lee told the news station. “When I presented my case, I felt like [the judge] should have looked more in depth of what was being said rather than trying to ice it over so we could co-parent,” Lee said of his appeal to gain custody for his son.

He continued, expressing the loss he feels in the wake of his son’s passing.

“That’s my little man — he loved having fun just like me,” he said. “He’ll always be — that’s my little man.”

Ji’Aire was found dead in the swing set at Wills Memorial Park in La Plata on Friday, police say. His mother, Romechia Simms, had been pushing the deceased boy in the swing for some time before authorities discovered them. Simms is currently being treated at a …read more

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Nearly 4 Years After His 68-Year-Old Father Was Killed By Police, Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. Continues His Fight For Justice

By NewsOne Now

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Kenneth Chamberlain Jr. and Attorney Randolph McLaughlin appeared on NewsOne Now to discuss the police shooting of Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., the $21 million lawsuit filed against the White Plains, NY Police Department for the murder of Kenneth, Sr. and the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform.

Chamberlain is the military veteran and former corrections officer who was killed when police entered his apartment after a false alarm from his MedicAlert bracelet. When he told the he was OK, police burst into his apartment and Tased and then shot him to death. He was 68-years-old.

Chamberlain told Martin that the Westchester Coalition for Police Reform was created to “effect positive change” and looks to establish independent prosecutors in questionable police shootings.

“You can’t have a police department investigating its own officers. You can’t have a district attorney’s office that works with them on a day-to-day basis overseeing those investigations or even presenting to the grand jury because we’ve seen time and time again that the consistent pattern is that there will be a failure to indict, even when the evidence suggests that there should be.”

Chamberlain said that in order to clean up police departments …read more

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