Man Who Killed Ex-Wife In California Mall Is Realtor To Hip-Hop Stars


Kevin Crane, a luxury realtor accused of shooting his ex-wife to death in a stationary store on Saturday, has sold houses to some major players in hip-hop, The Blast reports.


33-year-old Crane is currently in critical condition after he walked into the Thousand Oaks mall in Southern California and shot his 29-year-old ex-wife, Parisa Siddiqi, while she worked at a retail store. He then turned the gun upon himself but survived the shot.


Crane is a realtor in Beverly Hills and he specializes in dealing with hip-hop clients. He represented Big Sean when the rapper bought Slash‘s old mansion, and he has also worked with Lil Twist.

He was reportedly scheduled to show Travis Scott a home last month but the rapper bailed because Kylie Jenner had gone into labor.

Crane was also in talks to be a part of a new reality show based on hip-hop stars moving to Los Angeles and buying luxury property.

Sources tell The …read more

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Report: Even Black Boys Who Grow Up Rich Have A Greater Chance Of Living In Poverty

By Parker Riley

A new and sad study explores the cryptic intersections of class and race. A research group from Stanford University, Harvard University, the Census Bureau and other prestigious organizations, concluded that white boys who grow up rich typically remained wealthy as adults.

However, Black boys who grew up rich were far more likely to become poor in 99% of the U.S.

The researchers compared 10,000 American men now in their late 30s, split evenly between white and Black, revealing that approximately 20 percent of the Black men who grew up rich became poor as adults; only 17 percent of Black men who grew up rich remained rich. For white men, 39 percent remained rich, and only 10 percent became poor.

Ibram Kendi, a professor and director of the Antiracist Research and Policy Center at American University, told the New York Times, “One of the most popular liberal post-racial ideas is the idea that the fundamental problem is class and not race, and clearly this study explodes that idea, but for whatever reason, we’re unwilling to stare racism in the face.”

The numbers were not the same for Black and white girls. Reportedly, their eventual earnings were even, …read more

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Shades of COINTELPRO: Report Says Black Activists Are Being Watched

By NewsOne Staff

Two civil rights groups want an end to the surveillance of Black activists, including those associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as for an end to the FBI’s silence on a mysterious “Race paper.”

Several heavily redacted federal documents — released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by the Color of Change and the Center for Constitutional Rights — detail extensive surveillance efforts by the FBI. One report reveals that the agency sent informants to track an activist during the 2014 BLM protests in Ferguson after Michael Brown‘s death.

Federal agents also surveilled the homes and cars of people connected to the protests, according to the November 2014 emails and intelligence reports obtained by the civil rights groups and later provided to The Intercept.

Reportedly, the documents describe federal efforts to keep watch of activists of color that went beyond online intelligence gathering, including social media monitoring of protesters’ activities.

Also released as a result of the lawsuit were several Department of Homeland Security emails, which mentioned the existence of a document described as the “Race paper,” the subject of another lawsuit filed by the civil groups Monday. The paper may refer to a …read more

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Georgia GOP Trying To Stop Black Worshippers From Praising Candidates At Polls

By Clarissa Hamlin

Civil rights organizations have sounded the alarm again on voter suppression. This time, Georgia Republicans are trying to pass a bill that would put an end to Black parishioners voting early either before or after they have attended church services in Atlanta. Yes, they want a Suppression Sunday.

But there’s more to the story: GOP lawmakers want to also reduce the number of evening hours that voters can head to the polls. The majority-Republican House Governmental Affairs Committee approved Senate Bill 363 on Wednesday, saying that polling places should close at 7 p.m. instead of 8 p.m., and that voting should be limited to only one weekend day, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

This move, opposed by the committee’s five Democrats, is undoubtedly controversial.

“Curtailing” #voting based on race is illegal.

“The bill curtails Sunday voting after Repubs complained that it gave advantage to Dems, where #BLK churches could drive turnout.”

We must make #Democracy work!@NAACP@NAACP_LDF@LawyersComm@adv_project

— Derrick Johnson (@DerrickNAACP) March 18, 2018

“The impact of this bill is to eliminate the extra hour of voting opportunity that’s been …read more

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Austin Serial Bomber Escalates With Deadly Tripwire

By By PAUL J. WEBER and WILL WEISSERT, Associated Press

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The hunt for the serial bomber who has been leaving deadly explosives in packages on Austin doorsteps took an even more sinister turn Monday when investigators said the fourth and latest blast was triggered along a street by a nearly invisible tripwire.

Police and federal agents said that suggests a “higher level of sophistication” than they have seen before, and means the carnage is now random, rather than directed at someone in particular.

“The game went up a little bit — well, it went up a lot yesterday with the tripwire,” Christopher Combs, FBI agent in charge of the bureau’s San Antonio division, said in an interview.

Two people have now been killed and four wounded in bombings over a span of less than three weeks.

The latest blast happened Sunday night in southwest Austin’s quiet Travis Country neighborhood, injuring two men in their 20s who were walking in the dark. They suffered what police said were significant injuries and remained hospitalized in stable condition.

The three earlier bombings involved parcels that were left on doorsteps and blew up when they were moved or opened.

The tripwire twist heightened the fear around Austin, a town famous for its cool, hipster attitude.

“It’s creepy,” …read more

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Racist Screams At Black Flight Attendant

By Parker Riley

It’s rough in the friendly skies. There have been countless reports of racism on airplanes, from Maxine Waters being stalked while onboard to a Black female doctor being ignored who was trying to help someone in need of medical assistance. However, with this latest incident, the airline may have gotten it right — and it wasn’t Delta or United.

According to multiple Spanish media outlets, a 70-year-old man boarded a Binter Canarias flight to La Palma at North Tenerife Airport. Witnesses claimed he made racist comments to the Black flight attendant. El Pais reported that the man said “I don’t want blacks around me!” It is not known why he he had this breakdown.

The racist was confronted by the plane’s captain, who ordered the man to leave, but he refused. Multiple security guards were called and the man eventually exited the plane without further incident. Watch the video below.

Thankfully, this man was properly handled. Delta and United could learn from Binter Canarias.



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Mississippi Boy Shoots & Kills Teen Sister Over A Video Game

By Diannah Watson,

Semiautomatic handgun

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In Mississippi, A 13-year-old girl was shot and killed by her 9-year-old brother after fighting over a video game.

WTVA reports on Saturday, March 17, 2018 police officers came on the scene a little after 1 p.m.

The little boy grabbed a gun when his sister wouldn’t give him a video game controller. Sherriff Cecil Cantrell says the bullet went straight through the teenager’s brain.

When it happened, the mother was in another room attending to other kids. How the boy was able to get a gun is still unknown.

The girl was taken to Le Bonheur’s Children’s Hospital where she later died of her injuries. Her name was Dijonae White and she was a student at Tupelo Middle School.

The case is under investigation and consequences for the 9-year-old are unknown.



Police Cancel The Roots’ Concert After Bomb Threat At SXSW

By Diannah Watson,

The Roots

In Austin, TX police arrested a man responsible for a bomb threat that caused the cancellation of the The Roots’ performance at the South by Southwest Conference.

The Variety reports that 26-year-old Trevor Weldon Ingram sent an email to Live Nation Music on Saturday March, 17 explaining that a bomb was placed at the Fair Market venue.

Officers began searching the place only to find no threat. Even with no threat the sponsor, Bud Light, decided to cancel the performance for the public’s safety. The announcement was made once people gathered to see the show.

Police statements say that they, “able to identify and locate the suspect believed to be tied to this threat and at 11:08 p.m. a warrant was signed” for the arrest of Ingram. He was charged with third degree felony charges for making a terroristic threat.

That night, in tweets that were soon deleted after being up for 20 minutes, Roots’ drummer Questlove explained that the band’s cancelled performance was because of a, “severe emergency.”

If they had the chance to perform The Roots’ would have been joined by Ludacris, Jessie Reyez, Rapsody, Dermot Kennedy and Tank and the Bangas.


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Two Injured In New Bombing In Austin


AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — At least two people were injured in another explosion in Texas’ capital Sunday night, after three package bombs detonated earlier this month in other parts of the city and killed two people and injured two others.

Austin-Travis County Emergency Management Services tweeted that an explosion in southwest Austin had injured two men in their 20s who were hospitalized. There were preliminary reports of two possible explosions, but officials later tweeted that only one had been confirmed.

There was no immediate word on what caused the blast. Police blocked off the entrance to the suburban neighborhood where it occurred and urged people living nearby to stay in their homes.

A package bomb exploded at an east Austin home on March 2, killing a 39-year-old man. Two package bombs in other parts of the city exploded March 12, killing a 17-year-old, wounding his mother and injuring a 75-year-old woman.

The latest explosion Sunday came hours after authorities raised the reward for information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for the first three explosions by $50,000 to now total $115,000.

Officials believe the earlier bombings are related and could be crimes of hatred, but have not ruled out any …read more

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Charlottesville Beating Victim DeAndre Harris Still Faces Trial

By NewsOne Staff

The trial for DeAndre Harris, a 20-year-old man who was brutally attacked after the ‘Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville last August, begins Friday.

Activists had been calling for charges of misdemeanor assault to be dropped against Harris in recent weeks. On Thursday, Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ), Black Lives Matter and other activists gathered outside the Charlottesville General District Courthouse, a day before the trial, to push for justice after that ill-fated day on August 12, NBC 29 reported.

How a Black man who was viciously beaten with poles, suffering a broken wrist and staples in his head during the attack, could be standing trial for charges is beyond infuriating to many protesters across the nation.

Community members hold signs outside court where DeAndre Harris will be tried tomorrow at 10AM. Signs read “Justice ≠ criminal charges for fighting white supremacy,”

— Solidarity Cville (@SolidCville) March 15, 2018

“DeAndre was abused, physically brutalized less that 500 yards from where we stand,” Lisa Woolfork, a Black Lives Matter member, said Thursday. “Tomorrow, we will see if the courts will continue that brutalization or not and we should all be paying …read more

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